Why Videos are Crucial to a Mobile Learning Strategy

Videos are the most frequently consumed media on the internet. Users seem to prefer it over any other type of media, especially for learning. Have you ever wondered why users seem to prefer videos instead of different learning methods? There are a few elements in videos which help them uniquely facilitate learning, here are a few of them:

Increased control

With a video, learners are free to move at their own pace. They can fast-forward, skip, or even go back and repeat a lesson whenever they want. With video format, they have control over what they are learning and can watch a video for as long as it takes for them to grasp a concept.


Videos are more appealing than any other form of content. With videos, real-life scenarios can be presented, and concepts can be explained in a story-telling format using vivid pictures, which makes it easier for learners to understand a concept.

Short Videos

Watching a video of short duration is more appealing than sitting through hours of lectures. Additionally, with a short video, learners can watch them on the go or whenever they may need a quick brush-up of familiar concepts but do not have much time to parse through textbooks.

Succinct and easy to digest

Audio-visual format of learning increases retention ability of the leaner. It takes away the cognitive load by using relevant sounds and images to help the learner understand a concept. In a video, even substantial information can be presented in an easy to digest manner, which makes it more appealing.

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Before you get started on designing your website, the most important question that you must ask yourself is: what should your website include? While it is good to stand out and ensure that your website has some unique features, there are some elements that your website cannot do without:

1. Present a clear picture

When a visitor visits a website for the first time, the company description is usually the first thing that they go through. It is essential that you present a picture of your business, why it was started, what are its goals, and the services offered concisely. When you can present all the vital information about your company in an exciting manner, your website is more effective and engages the user.

2. Easy to use

While you may want to stand out from the rest, there are certain things which should be standard. Your site navigation should be simple and easy to use. Anything which is out of the norm may be frustrating or confusing to the user, and they may click away from your site. Providing a site map helps users know where they should look for specific information, and it is important for search engines as well since it shows how every page is linked together.

3. A good domain name

Your domain name is like your brand. You do not want it to be confusing, too long, or too dull. A good domain name is one which a user can easily remember and type into the search bar. A domain name with a .com extension is preferred since users are used to typing this at the end of every domain name. Additionally, you should also avoid using hyphens or dashes in your website name as it can make the website address seem complex.

4. Allow customers to review your services

When new users see shining reviews from old customers, it gives them the confidence to conduct business with you. When people see positive reviews, it helps build their trust in your brand and makes them more likely to avail your services. With the establishment of Google Hotspot or Google Places, it has become easier than ever for customers to leave a review of your services.

5. Contact Information

You must provide users with an easy way to contact you. Your contact information should be displayed on every page and should be placed in a prominent area. Additionally, you should also provide users with more than one way to contact you, such as a phone, email, contact form, or chat.

6. Good Content

Your website is designed for your users rather than search engines. Providing users with useful, unique, and valuable information is what helps you stand apart — additionally, good quality and fresh content helps in improving your SEO ranking as well.

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