Turn your Website into Conversation Starter with these Twitter Plug-ins

Twitter helps businesses to appraise their shoppers and targeted audiences about the latest updates that matter to them as new product launches, upcoming promo offers the latest blogs posted by your and media mentions, or industry collaborations. Of course, any other ways can be employed to transform twitter into a reliable branding/marketing tool. So strategically using Twitter can certainly be counted as one of the best ways to improve ranking on Google with reasonable efforts.

Moreover, you can also use your website as a platform to help people connect with your Twitter account and keep them updated with the latest happenings and events. It can help you a great way of converting random walk-ins on your website into regular audiences and later into the clients or partners. To make the task easier and straightforward for you we would mention some of the selected plugins that can help you directly fuse your latest tweets in a widget zone and display in footer or sidebar:

The Official Twitter Widget

If you are concerned about the slow speed caused by plugins, then you can use the official Twitter plug-in widget for the purpose. The process is reasonably simple and can be executed without any technical skills.

All you have to do is to pick your favorite widget type, insert URL, and design the widget as per your creative preferences. Copy the widget when it is ready and then past the auto-generated code.

Social Warfare

Social Warfare comes with a load of features and functionalities to help you realize diverse goals right from marketing and selling to reaffirming your brand value.

  • One thing that sets Social Warfare apart from others in the list is its conversion-friendly architecture that is aimed at reasonably increasing your sales provided that you use the tool wisely.
  • The social warfare also helps you in retaining the social media juice even if you switch to SSL (from HTTP to HTTPS) URL or change the domain name of your site.
  • The tool offers you a wide assortment of twitter card options with graphical enrichment options as well as other impressive elements.

Revive Old Post

Reinventing your old posts is one of the most trusted techniques successfully adopted by top bloggers. Now you can also do the same sans lengthy processes. It enables you to re-share your old blogs every month on the top social media platforms.

The admin panel has an intuitive interface and simple steps to set up the feed widget. Even nontechnical beginners can also use this plug-in without hassles. At the same time, the wide assortment of features empowers the advanced users to explore the maximum potential of this plug-in to further gear up the overall benefits.

  • One of the major work done by expensive SMM experts is to extract maximum value out of your blog posts by frequently sharing the old posts that are already doing good. With the help of this plug-in, you can cut down such heavy costs with just a single time
  • This plug-in will automatically share your blog posts every month across diverse social media networks including Twitter which will help you to extract the maximum juice out of your old articles.
  • It can also share your custom post types and provides you extended control over the specific content that you prefer to share on social media.

Twitter Info Widget WordPress Plug-in

This fast-paced, lightweight plug-in comes equipped with several powerful features and extensive customization controls. Along with modifying color combinations, you can also display personalized messages preceding and following the plug-in to enhance its visual presentation.

Another strong pint of this plug-in is that it allows you to exercise the creative freedom in determining the position where you wish to position it on your site as it offers you a shortcode.


The plug-in provides you a sophisticated Twitter card option for seamless integration and offers you a multitude of tag and query options to add a versatile appeal. The twitter feed can be displayed in either vertical or horizontal slider depending upon the overall orientation of your site design.

The prebuilt template design with extensive customization options makes the creative tasks easier for you.

Twitter Feed

This responsive WordPress theme offers you a custom implementation option to display the Twitter feed from different accounts.

Thanks to the shortcode it provides you can place it anywhere on the website and extended customization options enable you to make it a seamless part of your business website.


Displaying Twitter feed on your website allows your visitors to know the latest news about your company and explore the hottest discount offers, festive promos, new product launches and also enter various contests. It can help you turn the first time casual time visitors into a regular subscriber or dedicated audience who can later be converted into clients. Moreover, it offers your website a fresh and unique appeal and converts it into a conversation starter. In this blog, we mentioned some of the best plugins that make it easier to display your twitter fed right into your website. You can also use some code converter like www.icodeconverter.com to convert your codes into different platforms and make them live on your website or blog. The readers are advised to carefully check the reviews and compare prices before adopting any of the plug-ins.