Top 10 Best Website Builder

Compare the Best Website Builder Plans – Choose the best for your business

Your business is in need of a website now and for that you need a host. The best support can be availed when you get a support from the host to build your website as well. To get it done, you need a deep inception of the entire thing, from where you can derive the perfect hosting website for your use. Below is the list of the commonly used hosting sites. Go through the reviews of the websites mentioned below and find the right one for your accessibility. Before going through the websites and comparing between them, note down the key areas that are to be checked in the websites.

Things to be checked

The first thing that you need to check is the set of free plans. Unless there are free plans, you will not get the scope to switch between the hosts. It is true that you will be working with one host only, but checking out the others and their status is also the need. Support of templates in the field and the next stage pricing standards are to be checked here as well. You will have to get your business on with the website. Hence check the SEO support the host will be providing you and at the same time, note down the support, the brand will provide you in terms of E-commerce sites. You will need some additional supports too at this level. Note whether the host supports mobile apps and also shortlist the sites which will give you additional data collecting options. While going through the top hosting sites, mentioned below, all the things will be covered, giving you a perfect overview of the entire thing.

Sitebuilder Review:

Sitebuilder is one of the top hosting sites and is one of the cheapest too. According to the review of the users, this is one of the best site in terms of usability. Get the through the top features of the web hosting sites in the form of pros and cons.

  • Pros:
  1. There isoptionto get a free account and along withthatyou will get a free domain name and one email address on that domain name. For a small business, this support is very much ideal at the stage of inception.
  2. In terms of templates that you need for your website, there is no one parallel to it. You can get more than 1200 templates – so lots of options are before your eyes to be selected.
  3. User effective featuresmakesthe website one of the top reviewedsitewith maximum user recommendations. Entire portal is very much easy to be used and accessed for you, both for site maintenance as well as for site configuration.
  4. Pricing of the website is exactly that is mentioned, 4.99 dollars for a month. So, it is one of the cheapest solutionproviderfor you.
  5. Up-time of this website is more than 99 percent and is really high for your accessibility.
  • Cons:
  1. The siteback endactivities are really slow. It will take a lot of time to activate your account, to make changes to the DNS related settings and even to get an answer for your raised ticket.
  2. Making an e-commerce website for you is really costly out there in the portal. Your plan will be starting from 17.95 dollars.
  • Recommended or Not: Yes

If recommendation for using this site builder is asked, it should be recommended for the following reasons:

  1. The sites are easy to be prepared
  2. Up-time of the website is really high
  3. Excellent site control atcheapestrate which is even less than 60 dollars a year.

Wix Review:

This is another top selected and reviewed website for hosting and site making. The web portal has been reviewed most of the times for the following reasons:

  • Pros:
  1. The site has got ultimateup-timesupport with a mere downtime of only 2 hours.
  2. Excellent features of the site to create your won website is friendly and easy to be accessed.
  3. Freeplan ishere tobut you will not get a domain name free of cost or an email idwitoutpaying anything.
  4. Basic plan to own a domain for your business costs around 130 dollars a year. So, it can be treated to be cheap and fruitful. There are different accessible points in the portal too – assisting you to take your site at the top.
  5. Free templates are around 450 in numbers – hence get your website design in unique style.
  6. The portal gives you access to edit your CSS. So, new templates can easily be established in the portal, if you are an expert.
  7. Your support tickets are resolved absolutely at ease within 3 hours.
  • Cons:
  1. Creating e-commerce website can be costly here. It might cost around 18 dollars a month.
  2. You will have to pay around 5 dollars for each email id, you want on your domain.
  • Recommended or Not: Yes

The web portal is really good for all beginners and even the experts. Up-time is also great at the portal and hence highly assisting. The only issue here becomes creating email ids. If one have to pay 30 dollars for creating six email profiles, its unnecessary costing.

Weebly Review:

This is another portal that is often recommended high by the users. There are different top features in the site. Give a glance to all those:

  • Pros:
  1. Website creation is very much easy in this portal with the Drag and drop function. You can get the best support by all means at this portal.
  2. The experts can also access the CSS of the site and get easy mobile responsive websites.
  3. Yo can get free email ids at the portal and that is a great advantage for the small business owners.
  4. Account activation is really easy here and support team remains at the edge to answer raised tickets.
  • Cons:
  1. The portal is only having 120 templates. Most of the templates are mobile responsive and they are SEO friendly too. However, only 120 templates is still a low support for anyone.
  2. If one goes for an e-commerce website with more than 25 products, pricing will go as high as 25$ for every month. This is really high for any small companies.
  3. Reviews say that the web statistics are fake and they do not show the real time statisticsinyour website.
  • Recommended or Not: Yes

The portal of the website is not too bad for the beginners. You can get many supportive features in the portal. However, if you go for the pricing areas, the site gradually becomes a bad experience for you. So, for beginners it is good , but for mid sized firms,this is not the choice.

Godaddy Website Builder:

If you go by the pricing features of the portal, it is a highly recommended website, but when user reviews are taken into action, it goes down in the profile line. Look at the salient features – you will clearly understand why it is on the low end.

  • Pros:
  1. Cost or pricing factor is the biggest advantage of the portal. There are lots of things that are not there in the web portal, but those who go by the pricing often chooses this profile for their use.
  2. The portal is having more than 300 templates for your choice. You can get thatinthe free plan as well.
  3. There is a free plan in the portal but that is only for a test phase or one month.
  • Cons:
  1. Up-time of the website is really poor and the samething sapplicable ifSEosupport is considered.
  2. Supportteam as well as blogging teamis not at all active at this level. They usually take lots of time for supporting simple things like DNS setting.
  3. The portal reviews say that it is highly complicated in using and it is havinglow endfeatures for site building.
  4. There are 300 themes, but none of them are ready for mobile responsiveness. Hence you will have to go for separate coding into the matter.
  • Recommended or Not: No

The web portal is good for the website developing professionals. They need nothing except domain hosting and that is available here at the cheapest rate of 1 dollar a month. Other than that, they will establish the website with their own coding. For general users or for non-developers, this is a bad option for site building.

SquareSpace: :

This is another choice of both developers and non-developers. There are some of the strong features in the web hosting portal. Get through them and understand the reviews.

  • Pros:
  1. One of the strongestpartof the portal is the range of templates. There are some of the latest templates in the portal ( 40 in numbers) all of which arereallyhigh end. You will not get any such support from any other web hosting company and not even from many developers.
  2. Get the domain name and the related privacy free of cost, with the hosting service.
  3. There is no limit of creatinge-commercesite, blog or general website. You can choose anyone you like in the same package.
  4. Page loading time is also good and you will get a live support for your tickets.
  • Cons:
  1. To raise a website on this portal, you will have to pay an average of 18 dollars formonth. This is really on the costlier edge.
  2. Making email ids is very much costly here. You will have to pay 5 dollars for each email id.
  • Recommended or Not: No

The website looks great from outside, but while you will use it, you will feel the complexity that it is having. More than the complexity, website creation is really costly at this level, which you must not afford, while comparing to the other sites in the list.

There are other web portals too for your accessibility, but the above listed are the top sites, that can be accessed for your website development. Most of them are cost effective to you, when you are in the beginning phase or when you are running the show of a small enterprise. However, each of the website is having some or other part that is really costly. If you compare all the websites in the list, you will find that Go daddy is on the poorer side, for the less support or lesser SEO support, whereas Squared Space is not liked or less reviewed for the pricing level attached to it. Weebly is good for the affiliated features it is having, although there are some of the things that you will not like in it and Wix is also there with excellent features. Site Builder, when the entire supports of the five portals is considered, seems to be the best with lots of features templates and cost supportive.

You can make your own survey too, on the above mentioned sites and other websites, providing the same services, but while comparing them make sure to check out some essential features :

  • Interim prices along with the main pricing
  • Template supports,since you needan uniqueone for yourself.
  • Customization support and SEO friendliness are two things that can turn poor sites into a richer one – so check them as well.
  • Pricing to get emails and to create e-commerce websites, and
  • Up-time of the website.

When you check all the elements, that are stated above, you will remain at the most commanding position with your website. For your information, there are lots of websites that are providing this support. So, you are not left out with fewer options at any point of time. So, try to exploit all your choices and select the best one that suits your business and profile.