6 Best Tips to Consider Before You Buy Minecraft Hosting Package (+ 3 bonus tips)

Setting up a local host for Minecraft is technically possible but in most cases, it fails to serve the purpose or provide a great Minecraft experience due to the lack of speed and sufficient resources. So, if you wish to enjoy the game with your friends instead of congratulating yourself on your DIY project success, then it would be best to purchase a remote Minecraft hosting package from reliable providers. However, you would need to keep in mind some key factors before you decide to invest in Minecraft hosting packages. In this guide we would mention some of the key features to keep in mind while shopping for Minecraft hosting services:

Start with personal Minecraft hosting (Recommended)

You would have to pay a significant amount to get the commercial Minecraft hosting if you wish to get reliable services and support. While there are several Minecraft hosting providers claiming to offer cheap Minecraft hosting even for enterprise-grade packages- most of them compromise on services and support thus defeating the very purpose of the product. The next best option is to opt for personal Minecraft hosting. Such packages are way cheaper and sufficiently competent to offer swift experience for smaller groups.

SSD is a must- a no-brainer

A decent disk space is fine for Minecraft hosting. However, the game gets demanding when it comes to read-write capabilities. Purpose build SSDs are equipped with all the sophisticated features to offer high read/write capabilities. Let’s say it- SSD is a prerequisite when we talk about Minecraft servers. If your Minecraft hosting provider doesn’t use SSD then he is not serious about the business.

Don’t compromise with hardware

That said, the next key factor to focus on is the hardware. Minecraft is a demanding game that requires premium resources dedicated to its disposal especially for bigger groups of players or a multitude of mods. Those with substandard or incompetent hardware would end up frustrated by almost static frames, bumping pixels and distorted faces.

Make sure that your hosting provider has the high-sped server processors. Also, remember that we are not talking about multi-core features. It is not relevant for Minecraft which does not need or support multi-threading.

Hidden (paid) configuration services

Host configuration isn’t really easy and needs some learning curve even for the tech-savvy users’ ad anyways why go through guesswork when you are paying for the server. Most of the providers claim that host configuration is quite easy or would be taken care of by the providers’ technical team. What they don’t mention is the fees attached to it. Don’t just believe what you read on eh provider’s website or in client testimonials. Always go through FAQs and fine print to make sure that it offers you a guided walk through to the entire configuration process instead of clever ways to compel you for buying managed setup services at an extra price tag.

Make sure it supports excellent maintenance- be specific

Swift processing is mandatory for enjoying an excellent Minecraft experience.

Reputation Considerations. Check how the quantifiable tech stats match the expectations. It should offer you FTP access, a reliable control panel at works on the web and offers an intuitive interface with graphical tools? Do they offer Multicraft or other specific solutions that directly affect your Minecraft experience?

Scalability and flexibility

A good minecraft server provider should also offer wider flexibility to pick as a basic or advanced package as you like to fit into your requirements and budget. For instance, you should be able to buy a very limited Minecraft server package to play a game with say 6-7 players. Likewise, quick and seamless scalability is another prerequisite for great Minecraft experience as it will allow to keep on improving your Minecraft experience with time by adding affordable top-up prices, each time- something that will bring a quick smile on budget-oriented users.

3 Bonus tips

It is advisable to avoid cheap hosting providers while getting a server. At the same time going for the high end brands isn’t recommendable either if you have a limited budget.

  • The best option is to go for the trusted medium sized web hosting companies with a good experience who are foraying into the field of minecraft hosting. During the initial stage they keep their costs low. Moreover, due to their history in the web hosting industry, you can also check the reviews to get a fair idea about the hardware specs, quality and the user experience. It will help you to take an informed decision.
  • The readers are also advised to start with a trial version if available so that they can get a real life experience of the server. You can also check for other factors like money back guarantee to ensure that you would be able to claim your price back if the product fails to meet the expectations.
  • The users with even low budget threshold may even consider turning their minecraft server into an avenue for earning. It will not only help you to earn back what you paid for the server but can also be used in combination with other popular, creative and best ways to make money online and earn a regular stream of decent income. Various ways of earning through your Minecraft server are accepting donations, setting up cosmetic store to sell various cosmetics, and through affiliate marketing.

Remote Minecraft host package is wisely built to offer o a smooth experience and perfectly combines all the Minecraft oriented features to help you enjoy your best time while playing Minecraft. However, you need to be smart enough to consider all the key points before investing into Minecraft hosting solution, in this post we have mentioned some of the most important things to keep in mind before buying Minecraft hosting packages. You can use it as a reference to prepare a checklist to find the best Minecraft hosting providers offering affordable yet competent packages.