4 Fantastic Tips to Build a Powerful SEO/SEM Strategy During COVID 19

Searching behaviors are based on which keywords are dramatically getting searched on the Internet. With the COVID 19 Pandemic, brands are feeling themselves ending up in a tight corner because a lion’s share of the user intent and research is taken up by one particular area of interest, COVID 19.

Here’s a snippet from the trending insights on which topics are trending massively on Google.

Take a look at yourself and you make the decision.

At times as such, one particular area of concern that massively surrounds the minds of technically sound SEO specialists is what strategies can they implement to get the right business exposure.

Today, I am going to discuss 4 fantastic ways of how digital businesses can leverage the power of digital marketing to promote themselves amid the COVID 19 outbreak. Without further ado, let us begin.

Get Your Business on Google My Business

One way of getting traction on your product or service is to enlist yourselves on Google My Business. If you already have a profile, then you can skip this step of registration and move on to the next. If you don’t then first go ahead and create a profile on the GMB. The perks of having a GMB account is that you can cash on features like posting your business hours, including your business address, add photos, add customer reviews and more of such stuff that can appear on the Google Maps and SERP.

When you are appearing on GMB, and your clients will leave feedback on how thoughtful you were to assist them during the COVID 19 period, there’s a chance that your business will start appearing up. Also, be effectively sure to post prior notices about any particular changes that are essential for your customers to know. For example, ask them to wear gloves, masks & perform social distance practices because of the virus spread on your GMB account, and once again, you will get optimized on COVID19.

Brainstorm Content Ideas to Compliment COVID-19

Another remarkable strategy to increase organic traffic on your website is to publish content that surrounds the COVID19. There are several topics that you can relate to your business during the pandemic outbreak in order to create health & safety awareness among the individuals. For that, you might want to go through a brainstorming session and come up with interesting ideas to cover on the blog.

For instance, if you’re a web design agency in Dubai who is offering web design services across the UAE or the world, it is best to brainstorm ideas that can help your website visitors. People are more likely going to search you if they need to read about the latest trends in web designs, so you can cover topics that can involve COVID 19 web design trends that are trending in the world at the moment. By doing so, you can lead people to a lighter side of life-giving them the opportunity to explore more.

Work on Optimizing Banner Ads for Increased CTR

Right now, the market is hot on COVID 19 pandemic outbreak and people around the world are searching for relative services. You, as a business owner, can cash this moment by creating banner Ads that cover the COVID 19 aspect within your content. For example, if you are a locksmith service providing locksmithing solutions in a particular location in the United States, you can use the COVID 19 jargon to give yourself an opportunity to appear on Google SERP.

Something like “We care about your health during the COVID 19 Outbreak but if you ever need a quick lock and key job at your location, we can send someone right over to assist you.” A banner with a complimenting content is everything that you will ever need to get a better CTR percentage. A good idea is to explore what your competitors are doing in the open market and then make the best use of their ideas by innovating your own with the COVID 19 aspect.

Find Out New Negative Keywords to Save Your Ranking

During the upheaval caused by the COVID 19 outbreak, it is best to search up all those unsavory keywords that can eventually waste your campaign budget. As an SEO specialist working for the top SEO Dubai company, you will eventually realize the importance of omitting negative keywords. You’re tasked with the responsibility of searching all the negative keywords that can hurt your campaign budget. With so much fake news circulating the market, there’s a high chance that your ad can appear in front of many irrelevant network traffic and you can end up spending marketing budgets incorrectly.

So find yourself a powerful keyword research tool and remove all irrelevant keywords that can lead your ad to the wrong places on the Internet. This proactive approach can help you save up money.

So there you go here are 4 interesting things that you can do for your business as an SEO specialist and churn out the best results of your efforts. Existing or new, learn to make it work in any situation!