Staying Awesome With Your WordPress Website

If you are reading this post, things are clear. Either you are a WordPress enthusiast or a person who just fell in love with WordPress.

WordPress is popularly known for making Bloggers and Developers fall in love with it. It is very easy to install, configure, modify, and a strong core to your requirement.

It has easy to install path for themes and plugins. Add, activate, and use. Most of the themes and plugins in the WordPress directory are free to use, with an option to upgrade them form from WordPress backend. Premium content can be directly bought from WordPress Directory, Developer’s website, and marketplaces like Themeforest. Several tech websites have included Themeforest in their top WordPress themes websites and coupons list, you can buy any WordPress theme from there for your next website.

WordPress itself is a resource hunger Giant that it requires specialized hosting to host, but not to freak out, a normal hosting supports WordPress and runs smooth. But if you go for a big project like a Forum or News Site, a WordPress hosting is required to run it smooth and fast.

A WordPress along with specific plugin types can be transformed into any type of website like a Job Portal, ECommerce, Portfolio, Business, Private Blogs, Coupon Website, etc. If we take an example of an E-Commerce site, Woocommerce is the plugin to opt for. woocommerce adds eCommerce functionality to WordPress, converting it into an eCommerce website.

After installing WordPress, which is an awesome cms, the next question that comes into mind is how to make a WordPress website awesome.  Awesome in terms of UI and UX.

Below are some awesome WordPress plugins which can improve UI/UX of your WordPress and stay awesome.

Social Share Plugin for WordPress

With great content comes the responsibility of providing ease of sharing it. Social sharing plugins add social buttons to the website’s content. Content can be anything like Images, posts, Music Files, Documents, etc.

Sharing promotes reach, more the content travels, more visibility it gains. Another factor that relates to sharing is the traffic type which is sharing. If the Traffic is irrelevant to your website and is merely for traffic purposes, it won’t result in anything good in the long run [Tip].

An SEO Plugin

SEO is the most important if your website is new and wants to gain organic visibility. SEO plugin like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Pack is a free and premium WordPress plugin. It is available for free but if you feel the necessity of a premium plugin, then you can buy a license key and validate it in Plugin. Upon validation, the freemium plugin will convert into a premium plugin.

These plugins also provide suggestions according to the website’s SEO requirements.

A Caching Plugin

A Cache Plugin allows you to serve compressed and cached files to your visitors. This reduces the load on your web server hence increasing your website’s speed.


Cloudflare works as a Content Delivery Network. It accelerates and secures any website. It caches a static part of the website and serves visitors from its nearest location.

Serving content from the nearest location speeds up website access speed. To note, only static content is cached, dynamic content like js, PHP queries will interact and respond with the original web server only.

Above mentioned suggestions are a basic necessity for making a WordPress Website awesome. Whether you are an eCommerce, portfolio, or business website owner, these tips will definitely add a boost to your site.