Top 5 Hidden Spy Apps for Android

When you secretly spy on someone, you don’t want to be traced. If a targeted person detects it, it will ruin your relationship. Another factor is that only guardians and businesses can legally track their children/kids, partners, and workers. Or if you target the third person and get caught, so a targeted person can sue you.

In the spy market, competition is so high. It’s difficult to find the perfect app according to your need. Some apps are not reliable, but the sellers make fools by showing the charm.

To save your money and time, we will bring advanced hidden spy apps for Android, which value customers’ money.

1. TheOneSpy

A high-tech tracking solution for guardians and businesses. TheOneSpy fully understands users’ demand and provides exact information in real-time. It is compatible with all Android device models and versions as well. It provides a wide range of advanced tracking features and each function performs multiple unique functions. The user gets access to the targeted device through the cloud control panel provided by TOS.

TheOneSpy gives a complete installation guide by email. It offers 24/7 customer support and technical service as well. TOS price is market compatible; a lower-middle- and the middle-class person can also afford it easily.

2. Cocospy

The targeted person cannot trace it easily as it works 100% stealth operations. It also offers free customer support services. It’s all plans and packages are in a reasonable price range.

This is another amazing spying app that conveniently works with all Android phones. It’s 100% undetectable app, which spies on the targeted device with no error. It’s a lightweight spy app, which does not consume the battery more.

Cocospy also facilitates a huge community and is the first choice of millions. It provides all those basic features, which perform multiple necessary functions. This app also no need for any route to access to the targeted device.

Its setup is very easy by which a user can install the app by own. This app is usually preferred to beginners who only want a simple and easy to use app.

3. Spyic

Another top-rated spying application is Spyic. This wonderful app has beaten hundreds of apps and proved itself best of all. It supports all smartphone devices. It has rich features which are easy to use and efficient.

The app allows the user to track all actions performed by the targeted person. A user can track all conversations, GPS locations, calls, shared/captured/downloaded media files, and get-fencing alerts as well. A user can also capture secret passwords and usernames of secret accounts.

4. mSpy

One of the best tools which have made the spying easier, especially for businesses and parents. Its special features give it a special edge over millions of other competitors. Its brilliant features work hiddenly because of which mSpy also guarantees the users’ privacy. It’s silent tools spy on every single click and record all information in short videos.

Its monitoring process is so simple, which attracts a user. Besides that, it offers multiple packages in a reasonable price range. It also gives a 24/7 help desk service so anyone can ask anything related to apps.

5. TheTruthSpy

Another untraceable spy app, which serves a vast range of customers. It works in the background and provides all information with each time frame.

Its protective features include email tracker, social media spy, SMS tracker, call tracker, GPS location tracker, keylogger, and such others.

It offers different plans at a reasonable price. It also offers special discount packages in a timely.


When it comes to the best hidden Android spying apps, there comes a list of most undetectable apps. After filtering the most preferable apps, here we bring the top 5 hidden spy apps for Android. Now, it becomes easier to get the best one according to your demand.