Siteground Reviews: Why Siteground Hosting?

SiteGround advertises their web hosting plan as the most comfortable web hosting plan than ever. Siteground is giving 60% discount on their web hosting signup; a new customer is entitled to this great offer price. Established for over 7 years, they have great long experience in web hosting business. Now they have over 250,000 domains hosted, running over 1100 servers in 4 data centers. Huge customer base, huge technical team, and no wonder they are able to offer web hosting plan at such low price. Siteground uses only the best servers, software, and cPanel website control panel. Their customers are getting the best quality web hosting services.
Comparing Siteground hosting with the three famous cPanel hosting, Hostgator Bluehost Justhost. All these three web hosting companies are top web hosting company and their hosting plans is with cPanel control panel and offering with unlimited storage space and unlimited domain hosting, the same feature you found in Siteground hosting. is an excellent web host that offering a great combination of service quality, uptime, reliability, speed performance, and support. From our Siteground review and years of hosting experience with them, we really see their differences. Good web hosting plan will reveal themselves over time, there is nothing can be hidden, all the good and bad things will be revealed. Off course, with our own Siteground account, we are able to test and monitor their hosting quality and test their web hosting plan in every detail.
We have chosen to host with them since many years ago, we selected the budget shared web hosting plan from Siteground, with cpanel which is easy to use and very stable platform. We paid for our own web hosting account, we get billed every year. We are a Siteground customer and we are hosting in their customer web hosting servers too. Reviews and monitoring this hosting account will give the best result and reflect what the customer will get in real life. We have setup demo website and WordPress CMS website here in this account, installed tracker and setup uptime monitoring for this sites too. All these are just a small part of our Siteground reviews. Besides reviewing quality, we are looking into Siteground hosting features too. Check on each and every feature, and test them in details, this is how we test and review Siteground web hosting.

Siteground Web Hosting Feature Reviews

It’s always affordable, Siteground hosting always gives special discount on their first-year signup. Their web hosting plan is now $3.95 per month and can go as low as $2 dollars each month, and that is the Siteground special promo and special coupon code.
For this tiny small price, here is what is included in this SiteGround web hosting plan. Here are the Siteground features:

  • Cpanel web hosting plan.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Unlimited storage space and transfer for your websites.
  • Free domain name & free site transfer.
  • Free site builder software.
  • Instant account activation and no waiting.
  • Good technical support 24/7 with live chat online.
  • Good reputation and good technical team to back you up.
  • Fantastico installer & 150 free web apps to install.
  • High-performance server with a redundant firewall, network connection, and power backup.

After a check through the Siteground hosting features, it’s simple to understand what they offer is all you possibly need; it’s an all-in-one web hosting plan that provides everything in one price. And this Siteground hosting plan is now at their biggest discount, 60% discount from regular price for the first year.
Siteground hosting is very professional, they have an expert from many fields working together to deliver a highly advanced web hosting plan to the customer. For the price you pay at Siteground, you can get the best server performance, server uptime, and reliability. Our Siteground review site hosted with SiteGround for many years, and we haven’t complained even once, they are really good!
For more proof and Siteground reviews, go ahead and view our Siteground uptime statistic report for more details. Siteground uptime is the best of its class, this $3 dollars cPanel hosting plan is with great uptime and 99.9% is just a piece-of-cake.
No doubt, Siteground hosting quality is compatible with Hostgator quality, if you want the best web hosting services at lowest starting cost, Siteground hosting will be one of the greatest choices.

Siteground WordPress theme collection

Siteground hosting is one of the best web hosting providers that also offering free WordPress theme to the public. As I recall, there are few of them are offering free WordPress themes, which including lunar pages hosting and cirtexhosting as well.
Siteground hosting offering the wide collection of WordPress theme in their theme library located at There are maybe hundreds of nice WordPress theme designs that you can pick for your next WordPress blog site.
Note that these WordPress themes are sponsored by WordPress and thus you should keep their footer links “as is”.

Siteground cpanel with multi-language support

Siteground cpanel control panel is by default in English. Do you know that you can change the default language to your favorite language as well? Siteground cpanel is now with change language feature provided, you can choose other language provided in the drop down list of supported language.
Following is the siteground cpanel supported multi-language:

  • “Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish“

Siteground Domain Privacy

With new siteground account signup, you are getting one free domain name and with 750Gb of web storage space. Currently, siteground web hosting is trusted by over 150,000 domain owner and growing. The siteground hosting plan is using cpanel control panel, and its very easy to use.
I am trying to find more information about siteground domain privacy protection details, but can’t to find any. Even the siteground knowledge base is not publishing information about domain privacy. And I can’t find this feature in hosting specification page as well.
Since domain privacy is not a feature supported, then your domain name registered with them can’t be protected with domain privacy. Unless your domain is with an external domain registrar, then you can get domain privacy service from the registrar, usually at a small cost.

Siteground Domain Name

Siteground shared hosting is running cpanel control panel. And with this, we can already expect the domain name & feature provided are standard as provided in cpanel control panel. Where you can manage your domain name, addon domain, domain redirection, domain aliases, and much more. A full control on your domain name!
Following are the siteground domain name features:

  • Free domain name for new siteground account signup.
  • Unlimited parked domains (domain parking)
  • Unlimited subdomains & subdomains redirects
  • 5 addon domains (extra fee applied)
  • Emails for Subdomains

Siteground DNS Nameserver

We had recently moved one of my friend’s sites over to siteground hosting server. The siteground signup process is very simple, and I got the account activated right after payment through PayPal via 2checkout online payment. It is quick and easy setup process.
From the account email, including the siteground DNS domain name server for the hosting account. And here is the email content like:
“You have indicated that you will use your new SiteGround account with an already registered domain name. In order to point your existing domain name to your new hosting account, please change your domain DNS settings to:”

  • Siteground primary DNS domain name server:
  • Siteground secondary DNS domain name server:

Siteground Knowledgebase

As part of the siteground support, siteground knowledge-base serves an important role in providing first time information to new customers and to those looking for tutorial and guide to setup your website, domain, DNS, email, database, etc. All information for DIY can be found here. Instead of using siteground phone support or email support, you can find information from knowledge-base easily.
Siteground begins adding video tutorial into their knowledge base tutorial articles. We hope to see more interesting video tutorial being added next.

Siteground Support Review

I have to admit that site ground hosting features are great, complete with cpanel and decent hosting features. Before signing up for any Web hosting company, it’s important to look throw their hosting features as well their quality technical support.
A bad hosting support team will only deliver poor quality hosting services. Not to imagine poor Service Uptime and Slow hosting server.
I most prefer Webhosting Company that offering all three type of customer support, which is: live chat support, email ticket, and phone support. There is a technical support should be accessible at all times, and hand the customer requests in the most professional method. Most importantly, they played their role and help to solve a customer problem.
If you ever came across Siteground support team couldn’t solve your problem, you can post at this review site and requesting for customers to customer assistant. Alternatively, you can post is at Siteground forum and requesting for other members to assist you.