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SeniorPeopleMeet, a leading dating site is specially created to dispel the solitariness of older singles so that they can find their desired match through the Internet. So if you are an individual and looking for internet dating for camaraderie, relationship or pencil buddies or if you just want to disperse the loneliness of your life then SeniorPeopleMeet will be the best solution for you. In short, in this online dating site, you’ll get a glimpse beyond your daily routine which you were looking for a long time. This is basically the manufacturer of older network and in this era of the Internet, thousands of beautiful and younger minds men and women of all ages is associated with this vast network. This site is accessed by People Media. People Media is also the developer of,, and

So if you also want to access this beautiful dating site then you can also create a free personalized user profile quite easily. And the best part is it can be accessed through your computer as well as your mobile device. So you can use it anywhere anytime. Once you logged in you can access various attractive features like you can send messages and you can find someone single near to you. You can also share photos and memories and also can track who has visited your profile and much more. However, if you want to unlock more attractive tools and features then you have to upgrade your account. And to do so you have to pay some amount of money. Now let’s concentrate on how to access this excellent dating site.


The first and foremost thing is to create an account on SeniorPeopleMeet which is very simple. You just have to follow these easy steps provided below to create an account.

  1. At first, open the HomePage of SeniorPeopleMeet website. On the bottom of the Homepage, you’ll find the “Sign Up” section. Just click on “Search Now” button.
  2. In the next step, you have to enter your details or you can simply select from the drop-down menu. After filling up your details just click on the “Sign Up” button. Now let’s check out the sections which you need to fill up.
  3. Your gender identity and you are seeking for which gender.
  4. Then you have to choose the username and the password of your account.
  5. In the next step, you have to enter your country with your city and state.
  6. Your Date of Birth, Email address and Zip code is also needed and you are almost done.
  7. To customize your profile you can upload your picture and if you want you can also skip the step.
  8. They give you the option to describe yourself where you can write a few words about your likings, hobbies or anything which gives a perfect idea about you.
  9. Now if you want to access more features then you just have to choose the subscription and then press the “Continue” button.
  10. Later on, you have to provide your card details to make the payment. Then you need to click on “Upgrade now” and you will be directed to the account dashboard of SeniorPeopleMeet.
  11. Now your work is done. You can start searching for your partner.


Log in to your account of SeniorPeopleMeet is quite simple. Just follow these simple steps and your work is done.

#1. At first, go to the Homepage of SeniorPeopleMeet. In the center of this Homepage, you’ll find the “Login” button. You just have to click on this “Login” button and it will be directed to the next step.

www seniorpeoplemeet com login

#2. In the next step, you have to enter your email id and your password in the blank spaces and then press the “Login” button once again.

seniorpeoplemeet com senior singles member login


Mobile apps play a significant role as it is handy and could be used anytime. So people prefer to use this instead of tablets and computers. That is why SeniorPeopleMeet is also available in these following platforms.

  1. Android
  2. iPad
  3. iPhone
  4. Windows

Human is a social animal so we all have dozens of friends and family but still, at this point of your life, you need someone special who completes you. Gradually this person becomes your extension, a part of you. She/he knows the most and sometimes understands you even better than yourself. In this excellent site SeniorPeopleMeet, thousands of people found that special one who gradually becomes their best companion in their primary leisure time. You can also say a career therapist or a support system of your life. Trust, faith, love, and loyalty set the foundation of a good relationship. So before it’s too late you should tear down the walls which you have been gradually building up on your surrounding for years. Take that risk once and create that beautiful experience. Reunion always comes with a new time and space. So you have to use it differently to continue a beautiful bonding and to nourish it with the special touch of understanding and love. Older people deserve just as much autonomy as an adult and that is why this site SeniorPeopleMeet has been created to ensure that they can find their dear one. They took the challenge and thankfully people now understand the need of the senior people and most probably this is the prime reason of the biggest success of this excellent project.


If you have forgotten your password you can retrieve it quite easily after following these simple steps. Take a look.

  1. If you visit the Homepage of SeniorPeopleMeet you’ll get an option called “Forgot Password”. Just below that, you’ll find the “Click Here” button. Hit that button and you’ll be redirected to the password recovery page.
  2. Next, you have to enter your email id which is linked with SeniorPeopleMeet account. Just below that box, you’ll find a Captcha. Type exactly the same code in the box and press “Continue”.
  3. Next, you’ll get an email on your registered email id where each and every instruction regarding your password recovery will be provided. Just follow these simple instructions and your work will be done.
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