Explore Here, Top PHP Development Trends in 2020

Nothing is permanent, especially when it comes to technology. If we talk about the PHP web development trend, it tends to change year by year. Every new year brings new trends and technologies that web developers implement to create user-friendly, business-centric, and the most powerful website.

Talking about the last year of PHP development trends, which witnessed various changes and redefined the PHP web development trends. It also brought many new frameworks, tools, technologies, etc. in the limelight.

The main reasons for the change in development trends and technologies are mainly due to changing user behavior. So, it’s certainly quite necessary for you to hire a PHP developer who is proficient in implementing the modern trends and technologies while developing your website and make it stand out.

In other words, implementing these trends in web development also gives your website a competitive edge and thus helps it in generating huge traffic to grab vast sales opportunities and increase revenue.

Take a look at various PHP development trends that developers take into account while creating a website. When you hire PHP programmers, make sure they are versed with emerging trends and implement these while maintaining proficiency.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

While talking about the most popular PHP development trends, it’s important to start from none other than accelerated mobile page (AMP). It has been the most popular PHP web development trend since its launch. And it still remains as the most popular web development trend that transformed the PHP development trends.

Google introduced accelerated mobile pages with the main aim to enable publishers to improve the speed and performance of the mobile readership even without sacrificing any advertisement revenue.

It introduces a great method of creating website pages that are highly fascinating and can load quickly when users access them with the help of mobile and web browsers.

Implementing accelerated mobile pages in your PHP web development is helpful in increasing the business listing ranking of your website, especially on platforms such as LinkedIn, Google, Yellow Pages, and others.

Combining PHP and Cloud

Today, PHP developers perform the task of combining PHP with cloud technology to create world-class web apps and thus to cater to the needs of their businesses. In the year 2020, it has become the major PHP development trend and a large number of developers are practicing this to build a range of websites.

A survey already revealed the fact that approximately 79% of app and website development agencies use this technique of combining cloud frameworks with PHP to harness the multiple advantages of the same. This is indeed the best approach that lets them harness the potential benefits of combining these two robust technologies.

So, when you hire a dedicated PHP programmer, you can talk about them whether he/she is aware of the said trend. You can in fact also request them to talk about their strategy in detail to implement this trend while developing your project.

Improved Cybersecurity

The great thing about a PHP development tool is that it enables developers to implement the most powerful security solution that is quite helpful in securing various web applications.

With the continuous change in shopping style, many individuals of late enjoy shopping online rather than making their way to a local market, which takes their precious time. Due to increasing online shopping trends, the trend of online payment also got a major boost. People use cards, wallets, etc. to pay money online.
This has raised security concerns among developers. And they now focus on the integration of reliable payment gateways to help buyers make a secure transaction.

PHP Development Tools and IoT came Together

When it comes to PHP development tools, these are known to be blessed with virtual complex structures of those of distinctive technologies. IoT, on the other hand, is also known to have a complete virtual structure of those of three different layers, which require a complete dynamic language and is also quite useful in coding structure.


Undeniably, chatbot has revolutionized customer support service. It redefined the way business representatives handle queries of their customers and serve them while ensuring their complete satisfaction.

This prompts PHP developers to leverage frameworks to create a smart chatbot that helps businesses in making their customer support service expeditious.


So, above are some of the hottest PHP web development trends that are soaring in 2020. If you are planning to develop a website and looking to hire a dedicated PHP developer, you should always make sure that your service provider is capable of implementing the latest PHP development trends to make your website outstanding.This prompts PHP developers to leverage frameworks to create a smart chatbot that helps businesses in making their customer support service expeditious.