OurTime Reviews: Sign in Guide, Tips & Tutorials

Dating has become quite common among the masses of the younger generation nowadays. So why do the people above fifties stay behind? Well, they have all rights to date a person even at the age of fifty. And OurTime do just that. OurTime helps elderly people to seek the right partner even at the age of retirement. Age doesn’t speak about a person in today’s thought process. Well, even they do have rights to fall in love all over again. Maybe someone has got divorced or someone hasn’t even married for his entire life. Creating an OurTime account doesn’t really cost you much of your time. Its very simple and even people above the age group of fifty can easily access such websites to find the right partner for themselves.


Well, the advantages of creating an OurTime account are many. This website can actually wipe out the solidarity in someone’s life thereby making the life colorful and brighter even at the age of fifty. Let us take a look at some of the advantages of possessing an OurTime account:

  1. Gives an opportunity to people above fifties to enjoy a carefree life once more in their life.
  2. The app can be downloaded very easily and that too without paying any price for it.
  3. Countless options are made available to
  4. Opening an account is a one-time
  5. Beautiful and smooth user interface.


Now you know how OurTime can bring so much happiness in your dull life. Now let’s understand how you can log in to the account. Well, you can log in anytime and anywhere within a fraction of a second. Below are some steps to do it:

  1. The very first step involves opening up the website of the company by simply typing in any browser ourtime.com.
  2. After that you have landed on the homepage you will find an option named “member login”.
  3. Now click on the “member login” button which will redirect you to another page where you will find two tabs named “email id” and “password”.
  4. Now after filling up both the details, you can click on the remember me which will keep you logged in. In this way, you can log in whenever you want without remembering your password and email id as that is already saved after you have clicked the “remember me”
  5. After you are done with the click of “remember me”, you can press the log in button appearing just below the form.
  6. Voila! You are done.


If you want to log into your account from your desktop then also its pretty easy. Follow the below-mentioned points:

#1. Open any browser and type the name of the website ourtime.com.

#2. Now the “member login” will appear on the homepage.

Ourtime member Login

#3. Now two tabs will appear after you have clicked on “member login”. Fill in the email id and the password.

ourtime dating site login

#4. After this, you can click on the “remember me” option. After you have clicked on the “remember me” option you won’t require to log in every time.

our time dating site reviews

#5. The log in button can be clicked now. You will be redirected to your account and you can start using it without any hassles.

Our Time Dating App

Ourtime App for Android – PlayStore: Click here

Ourtime App for iPhone – App Store: Click here


After you have clicked the login button you will be logged in until and unless you log out. Every time you will enter your browser and type the name of the website www.ourtime.com you will be directly logged in as you have said remember me. You can also keep the password in your mind and not opt to remember me. That’s completely your choice.

OurTime is not just an app, but a great step in order to bring back the fun of dating into the lives of some people. Why does the youngster have all the fun, right?

So start dating even you are above fifties because this site is typically designed for you.