OKCupid Reviews: Sign in Tips & Tutorials

Nowadays many people are living longer than before, and hence growing into a senior citizen make their life monotonous. Generally, senior people stop enjoying their life, and also sometimes uncomfortable on dating people. But you need to remember this is actually the beginning of a new phase. That is why nowadays many single seniors are interested in going back into the dating era. And you never know it can be converted into the best phase of your life. There are various dating sites which offer such kind of services to the senior people. Senior dating sites have become quite popular these days. They are generally apart from any kind of family-oriented responsibilities, childcare, career-related concerns, etc. So now they are free from all kinds of boundaries and limitations, and hence if you are also single and want a companion for sharing your thoughts and opinions and want to pass time with them, then dating with a partner will be the best option for you. The sites available for this purpose provide various kinds of compatible matches for a senior people, whether you are a gentleman or a beautiful lady, these prolific services are available for everyone. But if any senior person has not dated for a long time then he or she must be aware of the latest general rules and regulations of dating; need to brush up on the modern dating etiquettes for men and women. These will help a person to make the dating experience more relaxing and less stressful.


If you already have an account on OKCupid then follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to log in:

#1. Open a browser such as Safari, Chrome, etc.

#2. Type the address www.okcupid.com

#3. Click on the Sign in button.

okcupid sign in

#4. You will a pop up login window in the centre of the page. In the first field of the box enter your email or username.

www okcupid com

#5. In the second field enter the password.

search usernames on okcupid

#6. Then click on “Let’s Go”.

okcupid dating site


Usually, sign in becomes unsuccessful due to the following reasons. Either the email id or username is wrong or the password is incorrect. In that case, an error message will be shown. If by any chance your password is changed by you or by someone without your knowledge then you need to reset your password, by clicking on the “forgot your password” link and after following some steps as mentioned there provide a password which you can remember.


Honestly speaking, there are no hard and fast rules for senior dating. If you are a senior person and looking for some kind of dating then you don’t have to bother about the rules and regulations of the senior dating. But yes, it would be better if you follow some of the general guidelines, then you can get prepared for your better dating experience.

Given below are some of the guidelines that will make a senior person’s dating experience better:


There are some of the gestures that a man must do or follow that will make a woman feel better. Although a woman loves to be asked out on dates but still, there are some modern women who sometimes make the first move. They sometimes pay the bill. Being a man you should not be surprised with all these things. Given below are the gestures that a man usually should follow on a date:

  • Be a gentleman: Try making your woman feel special on a date by opening a car door or a theatre or restaurant door etc. This will show your gentleman side, and most of the women love this.
  • Flirt with her: Try flirting with your woman and watch her response, if you really like her or interested in her. Find out how much she likes your gesture, does she want to spend more time with you, how does she make eye contact with you or how broad her smile is, etc.


Although there are many rules that are still the same, some of the dating rules have changed. Try to follow all the new as well as old rules to impress your man. As a senior woman, you can ask your man on dates and hence take the lead. Some men really appreciate this gesture. Sometimes you may show that you are interested in the relationship before the man shows, which will create the intimate bond in this exclusive relationship. Baring these there are some other rules that being a senior woman must be followed by you:

  • Inform a friend: If you are meeting a person for the first time and you don’t know him well, then it’s always better to inform about your whereabouts to a friend or family member. Seek for their caution. And the best thing would be not meeting a man in a very private place. Meet with him publicly every time you meet him until you know him well.
  • Try to have a group date: This is very important as there are many fishes in the sea. Do not rush into having an exclusive date. You know your partner well then you may get into an exclusive date.


Baring the specific rules mentioned above for men and women there are few general rules as well, which is applicable for all the people. They are as follows:

  • Try to be polite, courteous respectful and on the dates
  • Be on time and if you’re going to be late then let your date know about this in advance
  • Start as friends. This can make your dating transition easier
  • Do not expect the person whom you’re dating to be like your ex-spouse. Everybody has got different weaknesses and strengths.
  • Do not act desperately as generally, people do not want to date somebody who’s clingy and lonely. Fill your life with family, friends, hobbies, etc. Dating should be an extension of the life which you’re living. If you want the romantic relationships to develop naturally, then these are important and the outcome and the experience will become more constructive.
  • Do not take dating very seriously. Make it fun. People love to spend time with persons who are fun-loving and enthusiastic, irrespective of the age, sex, etc. Most people do not like the kind of person who usually drags them down.


There are various sites which provide this kind of facility means opportunity for the senior citizens to date with someone they are compatible with. Okcupid.com is one such site. This is a free as well as the best online dating site, where you need to sign up and log in to your account to be able to use the site’s match based system to get the suitable people with whom you can date with. The match based algorithm of this site is absolutely perfect as long as you know what you want and as long as you are an honest person. The site is also available as an app for your mobile devices so that you can find dates on the go. Hence if you are really interested in the senior dating concept or want to find a perfect match for your senior family members then you must check out the site okcupid.com once. You will surely love it.