.Net Core 3.0 is Microsoft’s Fitting Reply to its Competitors in the Race for Application Framework Dominance

“The opportunity ahead for Microsoft is vast, but to seize it, we must focus clearly, move faster, and continue to transform.” Satya Nadella – CEO – Microsoft

The above quote from Mr. Nadella speaks volumes about the changing face of Microsoft which once dominated the software market for a long time. Satya Nadella is responsible for many drastic changes and landmark decisions in his stint at Microsoft which is well over 5 years now. With LinkedIn and now GitHub, Microsoft is now all set for global dominance once again, just like the days when they ruled the market with Windows and Office suites.

In this post, I will discuss in detail the release of .Net Core 3.0, a free and open-source version of its popular programming productivity tools that work on Windows, Mac, and Linux too. This is a bold and courageous decision by Nadella and his whole development team. The consequences of this decision will go a long way. So, let me start with a little background information about how this all unfolded over the years.

Since 2002, Microsoft kept the secret about the .Net and ASP.Net technologies and made them the premier way to build business software. And by restricting it to Windows only, Microsoft managed to keep Windows as the center of attention. So, let us not wait further time and hit straight to our topic.

Microsoft’s .Net Core 2.0 and 3.0

Microsoft’s .Net Core 2 was released on 14th, August 2017. Microsoft touted that as another game changer much like the Windows 10. With this release, .Net Core took a giant step forward with the release of version 2.0 and now with version 3.0, the future looks even more promising.

Microsoft’s .Net Core 3.0’s biggest enhancement is support for Windows desktop applications. Now the .Net core 3.) SDK component windows desktop, there is an option for users to port Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications.

This latest update adds an array of new technology from the standard version of .Net bringer the new version closer to parity with the original one. Another major advantage is the boost in performance and security. Microsoft’s primary goal with .NET Core and .NET Standard was to make sure that it has consistent application programming throughout its version.

Technical Details

Most of the newly added APIs are much like .Net Core 2.0. .NET Framework APIs, which means developers should have an easier time porting their existing .NET Framework code to .NET Standard. NET Core includes the .NET runtime, a set of framework libraries, a set of software development kit tools and language compilers.

What is it All About?

The prime target of the company according to Microsoft Director of Program Management and .NET Core lead Scott Hunter is to spread .NET everywhere and anywhere. That’s important, and with the competition from the likes of Oracle’s Java frameworks getting stiffer with each passing day, Hunter says that .NET Core represents a “revival of .NET’ that keeps it relevant. We notched off all the reasons you wouldn’t use .NET.”

And he is right. Some of the best features of .Net 3.0 are:

  • Improved .Net Core 3.0
  • .Net Platform-Dependent Intrinsic
  • Default Executables
  • Assembly Linking
  • Tiered Compilation
  • Build Copies Dependencies

It’s all about Speed

An application framework in the true sense, .Net Core 3 is Microsoft’s real push towards global dominance in this field. And they are really serious about it and want to finish off the competition really quickly. It is all about a simplified and streamlined set of tools for writing codes as .Net looks to offer some critical features like security to the coders and developers around the world. .Net proudly claims that you can write more code, more quickly and securely.

Speed of the websites depends upon several factors and need to be lightning fast. There are many things that can be a deciding factor in this concern, and web design is one of them. That’s why it is imperative for a business entity to look for a web design company for making it certain that it has done everything to attract customers. And of course, using the .Net Core version 2.0 or 3.0 according to its requirements.

Let me offer you some bit about why .Net core 3.0 will be the preferred way for not only startups but also mid-sized companies and organizations too. Its open-source nature is one of the reasons why it is making waves in this concern and should be the platform to watch out for as was the case with previous versions of .Net Core.

Open Source Nature of .Net Core

As .Net Core is open source, it means anybody and from anywhere in the world can download it and start coding. With Microsoft’s backing, .Net developers from across the globe are contributing fixes, and more improvements are on the way as .Net Core 3.0 is now launched. Hunter’s response here is making their intention very clear, “Being open-source, we’re seeing a lot of the [performance] changes over the last year have come from the community.”

This simply means .Net Core is getting better and faster than even its own standards of previous .Net Standard. Still, some customers will want to stay on .Net Standard. The reasons are not surprising; it’s maturity as a framework. But those coders and developers who want to produce cutting edge technology, using .Net Core and Core 3.0 is the only solution. “As a customer you will see us move faster with .Net Core.” Hunter further adds.

And John-Daniel Trask, the CEO of a bug-testing software company, Raygun, couldn’t agree more. His team has been using .Net’ since the company’s inception in 2010 and moved to .Net core with few of the team members. He is already very happy with the performance and is looking forward to using it.

Final Word

It has taken quite a while for Microsoft to reach this stage, but now the vision is clear for them. They have finally understood that .Net Core, Core 2.0 and now Core 3.0 are what the coders worldwide were anticipating, and they have delivered the goods in the form of .Net Core 3.0 once again.

There are many advantages of Core 3.0, which will make it tougher for rivals like Oracle to catch them in this race. Expanded API’s and expanded OS support are just one of the many reasons why developers and programmers around the world are rallying behind Core 3.0 as the ultimate version of .Net framework.

I hope that this quick yet detailed insight into Microsoft’s .Net Core 3.0 will offer you valuable information. If you think you can add something valuable to this blog, you are more than welcome. If you feel that I have missed something or you want to give your feedback, please go ahead and use the comments section below.