4 Ways to Humanize your eCommerce Online Store

The fastest way to connect with your customers is to add a human touch to your eCommerce website. When you do this, people will not only relate to your brand deeper; they’ll become your loyal followers.

However, delivering a unique eCommerce experience is a challenge. The consumers of today are smart. Everyone knows when a brand is being genuine or making a fool out of customers.

Here are five tactics that will not only increase customer engagement; it will also send a clear message that your eCommerce store or website, here is the example, www.abilitydubai.com is genuinely trying to connect with the people.

1. Use Powerful Storytelling

Stories make people alive. People love listening to amazing stories. Whether it is fairy tales from their grandma or brand stories from businesses, stories tend to evoke emotions and sensations to whoever reads them.

When information is presented in a story, it gets easy for people to relate to it. Doing market research will tell about the interests of the customer, which will make it easy for the brand to create a story around it.

Your mission is to grasp the characteristics of customers and communicate clearly.

2. Stay Active on Social Media

Do you know where your customers are? They are on social media. If you collect their data, it will be easy for you to engage them and create a social media presence that will grab their attention.

Although the style of contact must be formal, but there must be some flavor to it. There should be some humor, some understanding, and a lot of communication among the customer and the brand.

See which of the social media networks are being most used by customers. Post on all social networks, post at various times, and see which of the networks get the most attention.

3. Ensure that the Delivery Channel is Strong

It’s not just about delivering the product. It’s about creating an experience that can help the customer feel good about your service. For instance, the courier service must give the same experience that the customer expects.

Train the delivery of how to talk to customers. Deliver with a smile; if there is a problem with the product, the best approach is to be transparent to the customer. If there is something wrong, tell the customer exactly when they can expect the delivery.

When you show transparency with the customer, it gets easy for them to trust you. When they know that you made a mistake and feel sorry about it, they will not only understand your situation; they’ll emphasize with you and follow you more.

4. Send Personalized Messages

People want to feel part of something, a feeling that makes them recognized or understood. Sending personal messages is a clear-cut way to engage the customer and create a bond with the customer.

It’s necessary for the customer to feel that the brand is focused on serving the customer’s father than just selling the product. In addition to this, brands must send special messages on occasions so that client feels special about them.

Timely messages like sending them on Black Friday, Mother’s Day, or even birthday, can help the customer engage in a better way.

According to experts, these types of customized messages make it easy for the brand to offer exclusive discounts to their customers.

There are online tools that you can use to analyze the pattern of each consumer and send personalized messages that will entice the user and make them stick to your website.

So, it is better not to let anything pass-by without going through you first. Analyze every detail of the customer. Communicate a lot so that customers can trust and give you information with ease.

Clear communication can help solve this problem.

When you humanize with the customer, it gets easy for the customer to engage, trust, and do business with you.

To Sum it UP

The market is tight out there, and to stand out, you need to do something that makes your brand different from others. Being different is the only way in which you can get the attention of the audience and make them notice your brand even in the crowd.

Surely, everyone can copy your content or even your strategies. But what they cannot copy is how you interact with the customer, how you give your full of pleasing your customer. Make the buying experience as seamless as possible. When you do that, the customer will not only return; they will bring some friends and family along with them.

If only you focus your efforts on satisfying the customer or making them feel special while doing business with you, it’ll be enough to put your brand in a strong position out there. It’s essential to make your customers trust you before you pitch them your service or product.