hPage Website Builder Review

In the past, if you had a lot of work creating and operating your own website, it no longer has to be that way. Most probably still remember the times when websites were created and written directly in HTML. Then came WordPress and other easy-to-install solutions that had to be hosted and maintained themselves.

However, we recommend the use of website builders. They have a number of advantages and have been getting better over the past few years. Website builders are online tools which one can use if you are a complete beginner in making websites. Even for someone who does not have the knowledge, you can easily build a site with a website builder.

Why do most beginners opt for this? The most important reason is surely the service. You are automatically looked after, all updates are always installed, nothing can be broken or lost. In short, your website can be set up in just one day. It is that easy and fast!

The other advantage is the ease of use. Even the much praised WordPress does not come close to today’s website builders. You can just move elements around and edit them with one click.

But which website builder is right for me?

There are many website builders out there and in this article, we will review how the hPage Free Website Builder fares when it comes to building websites for beginners and those interested in having their own website.

hPage is a free website builder where you can easily create your very own website or landing page for your service, business, or blog. Since 2008, over 2 million websites have been created using the hPage website creator and with its award-winning modular system, it is the easiest way to create their own professional website in just a few steps and to get it off to a successful start. Everyone can build a great website, blog or their own professional online shop. With a wide range of diverse, modern and 100% responsive design templates, you can design the page according to your individual wishes. hPage is simply fun with its intuitive user interface – either conveniently on the computer or conveniently on the go.


The first and foremost reason why people consider a website builder is the pricing of the service. As for hPage, there are only two packages – a paid website package and a free website package.

The free website package in hPage is completely free without any hidden fees or charges as you create your site. They are honest with the customers and will not charge you for any services in their platform while using the online tool. However, in case you change your mind, it is possible to upgrade to the paid version any time in order to avail of more premium features.

The paid version is relatively still affordable at only 11.50 Euros per month or about 13 US dollars per month. The payment is billed monthly at a contract of 6 months. It comes with all the premium features and everything you could possibly need in building your very first website.

Is it mobile friendly?

All websites created on hPage are suitable for mobile or any kind of device- whether it be on desktop, laptop, smartphones, or tablets. The system will automatically adjust the website user interface to the device used.

Creating Web Pages

When it comes to creating a web page, the hPage website builder comes with a page editor that is very easy to use. If you have used a Microsoft Word document before, then using the page editor of hpage will be a no-brainer.

Similarly, just like a Microsoft Word Document, you can see the toolbar at the top of the page editor which is useful when it comes to changing fonts text and other content necessities.

You can easily just type in your content on the page provided.  Then you can the press the preview button to see what your page will look like and if you are ready to publish your web page just press the publish button and it will be reflected on your website immediately.


The best thing about the hPage website builder is that it has many features which you can use when it comes to the building blocks of your site.

  • Premium templates- hPage offers over 300 templates and is perfect for different kinds of industries but also for your personal projects. Whether it be a website for travel, restaurant, for business for service, or for blog, hPage has a template in mind for you. The site templates are also customizable to your liking.
  • Mobile design- your website mobile design is automatically optimized so there is no need for your content or your images to be changed or resized. The site builder automatically takes care of everything.
  • Automatic security updates- there is no need for you to buy any security for your website, the system will take care of that itself.
  • Two factor authentication- this is an extra precaution to guard the security of your site.
  • Data exportation- you can export the data from your website to different platforms at any time.
  • Search engine optimization- your website will automatically be optimized for the search engines so it can easily be indexed and googled.
  • Unlimited web pages- you can create as many web pages as you like and you will be able to restore deleted pages or backtrack to a previous version of your content as well.
  • Domain name- you can register the main extensions with hPage or purchase a domain name from the site itself.

These are just some of the features you can have when you create a website at hPage. There are many more features which you can get and you can check them out on the features page of hPage.com!