Want to Write Fresh and Unique Content? These 5 Tips Can Help

Blogging is an art and you need to invest a good amount of time and effort to master this art. One of the major concerns of the new as well as seasoned bloggers is how to overcome stagnation? How to create unique fresh content with an original appeal? It is a tricky question but with some insight, you can be able to create blog posts that deserve to be called masterpieces. In this blog we are going to present 5 ways to write unique and fresh content:

Write on unexplored aspects

Find popular topics and explores their less discussed aspects. Do some original research and create detailed posts around those topics. The trending topics already have the advantages of a dedicated and interested readers community and wiring in detail about their less explores aspects can help you create fresh, original content that can easily get the traffic.

Gain good knowledge

Lack of required knowledge about a certain topic can compel you to borrow second-hand ideas and rephrased the already available content. How can you expect originality from such content? It only dilutes your reputation as a serious professional blogger. So, be ready to invest your time and efforts, gain a good amount of knowledge around the topic, and build your perspective. After that carefully formulate the ideas into a comprehensible and convincing language and structure it well. It will allow you to create unique content that deserves to stand out. There’s a complete process involved and you can’t just skim and skip the steps, and still expect an original appeal.

Be a problem solver

People continue facing problems because they don’t know the right solution or aren’t able to exercise the same. They are ready to pay decent fees to the consultants or relevant experts who can present them with a solution. If you write content that provides a practical solution to the problems of the people, it will not only give it an original appeal but will also help you connect instantly with the readers and develop a long-lasting bond with them. Make sure that you don’t beat around the bush or dwell unnecessarily on the problem- people are already aware of their problem. Likewise, avoid theorizing the solution. Rather, present an actionable guide on how to practically exercise the solution to resolve the issue. Guide your readers, give them instructions, and tell them what to do now and what the best step is. Ensure that at the end of following your instructions or advice, the readers must have that Voila moment when their problem is finally resolved- that’s the key requirement for a problem-solving content.

Act Fast

Many people keep on delaying the process of converting ideas into content and publishing it. They hit an idea today, start working on it after a week and take a gap of another 20 days before publishing it. These long gaps dilute the originality of the content. Besides, there are high probabilities that someone may come up with an identical post and in that case, your original content may seem to be a second-hand copy to the readers as they don’t know that you were the first to hit the idea. So, if you wish to retain the original appeal then avoid delays. Act fast and follow an agile appeal.

Proper planning is important

Proper planning is extremely important if you have to present original content. Have a proper schedule for blogging and be ready with the topics on which you want to write about. Create an outline, with suitable headings, subheadings, and important pointers, check this out www.abilitydubai.com. It will bring clarity to your vision and help you to lay your ideas more professionally. One of the reasons why top bloggers outrank others on the same topics is that they follow a streamlined, well-planned approach. The same approach can help you create unique content with the original appeal.


Writing good content needs efforts and time. For adding the unique appeal to your content you should be ready to do some homework before writing the content. In this blog, we have discussed the tips on creating awesome content with fresh appeal and the type of content that instantly connects with the readers. If you wisely follow blogging tips we mentioned you can also master the art of writing excellent content in a reasonable time.