How to Sell SEO Services to Local Businesses?

What is in this post, I want to talk about SEO and why it is important to invest in it if you have a website that you want to use to attract clients for your company.

I am not going to go into technical concepts, and I am not going to propose you to carry out complex tasks that are better left to professionals. The objective is that you know, in a simple way, what we mean by SEO, how it can become a source of income for your business, and acquire some basic knowledge that helps you understand what you can request or expect from the people who work on your website.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”.

This term is used to refer to techniques that allow a website or blog to gain greater visibility on the search results page that is displayed to users when they make a query. Whenever we talk about SEO, we are referring to organic results, never paid ones.

Payment results can appear in the first four positions (sometimes they do not exist for specific keywords), in the last three and the sidebar. Organics, 10 per page, are found under the first advertising block and, where they exist, after local results.

Why SEO is Important to Your Business

As I mentioned at the beginning, the reason that led me to write this post is to offer a simple SEO review available to people who run or manage a business. These people do not have a direct relationship with the world of marketing. Still, they need to take the Better decisions for your company, and they must decide how to invest time, effort or budget to improve their turnover. If the sales results of your company depend on the customer acquisition that takes place on your website, it is very likely that you already know these acronyms. You can even have a professional like The SEO Team, who periodically reviews the essential SEO variables of your site (or that you do yourself).

But if it is not if you have a website from which you receive some clients or queries, but that is not the basis of your business, likely, you have not yet decided to invest time, or part of your budget, in improving its visibility in search engines. And my question is, why not do it? Do not you believe in the possibility that your website becomes a new source of income for your business?

I am going to share with you some data for which I think it is a good idea to start thinking about the company website as a source of business capture and to work on factors such as SEO in a much more effective way:

Consumers increasingly start their purchasing process by doing an internet search, and it is proven that they prefer to click on organic results rather than paid ones. Another reason is the reduction of acquisition costs, something that will also positively impact the results of your business. If you manage to attract customers through your website, you will be incurring lower prices than those required by other more or less traditional recruitment channels (advertising, paid Internet advertisements, brochures).

It doesn’t matter if you receive 100 or 1,000 visits a day. Your web maintenance costs will be the same, but the acquisition cost will be reduced as your website climbs positions in the search results. In addition to this, proper SEO positioning brings recognition to your brand. Let’s admit it, and if a company appears in the search results when we are making a query, we tend to think that it is better than those that are not there.

But let’s go further: do you usually visit the second page of results? The vast majority of users stay in the first, hence the importance of working on the visibility of your website with SEO techniques. With this, I do not mean that overnight you will reach the first positions, these are very competitive, and not everyone can be in them. Still, with time and a good job, your website will improve results and position itself in some searches above those of your competitors.

When an SEO Project is Not Recommended

Knowing what benefits SEO can bring to a business is as important as knowing when we should not embark on projects of this type.

It may not be a good idea to start an SEO project if your goal is to achieve quick results,  because SEO is a strategy that will give results in the medium and long term, which will also influence the amount of content that can be published monthly. , the age of the web, the competition. The short results, although temporarily, can be achieved with paid campaigns, which does not exclude that SEO positioning is working in parallel.

It is also not recommended to embark on an SEO project when you do not have resources. It is very evident, but many times it is not taken into account. SEO requires investing in external or internal personnel to carry it out, or for you to spend your time, a lot of time, in learning techniques and to put them into operation little by little. Without these resources, it may be more advisable to use other technologies that can also help you gain visibility, even if only for individual campaigns.

Finally, if your niche is tiny, and you do not have enough searches, or they do not start on the internet, SEO is not a necessary tool for your business. If your client is not on the internet or, simply, the network is not his way to access your product or service, it will be better not to invest in this type of project and thus neglect your accurate recruitment routes.