How to Improve Your Business Reputation?

The customer perceives your brand image based on how you interact with them. It can be instant, or it can happen over time. Since the interest of every customer widely varies, it is necessary to find a middle ground and keep it consistent. It is quite evident that the power to control your business’ reputation is certainly in your hands. But how do you create a powerful image? Can this be done by cutting through the noise of your competition? Let’s dig deeper to find that out.

What Does a Good Brand Image Bring Along With Itself?

There are so many advantages to having a solid business image. Some of them are:

  1. People will associate your products with the brand name and identify them easily
  2. You can attract new customers through referrals and word of mouth
  3. It develops a good rapport with your customer
  4. It builds trust in your brand and helps them repurchase
  5. You can fix a premium price, and people would trust the numbers

If you are not convinced, take a look at these statistics:

  1. 77% of the marketing leaders agree that an influential brand identity is essential for the company growth
  2. A whopping 82% of the investors are inclined to invest in a brand/company which has taken efforts to build a branding identity
  3. Almost 90% of internet users expect consistent branding across all channels and platforms
  4. A uniform business identity can bring in 33% of the total revenue increase

3 Simple Steps for Evaluating the Existing Business Image

An organization’s biggest challenge is to plan without understanding its current setbacks. It comes in many forms, from being a silent dip in revenue, it could be your customers migrating, or something that you have not noticed. If you have not assessed where your brand stands currently, here are a few points to do it:

  1. The Reach of Your Brand: This is the first step lies in identifying whether the customers could recall your product or company. There are different ways to achieve it, such as conducting surveys, analyzing web traffic, getting the search volumes, and reading up on social media reviews.
  2. Matching their Expectations: Sometimes, there could be a gap between what your customers want and what you offer. To know this, you can come up with innovative methods like conducting a Q&A session on social media platforms, sending a poll via newsletters, or even asking for feedback every time they make a purchase. This will help you give an advantage over your competitors.
  3. Look into Financial Growth: Your financial performance is a direct and fundamental indicator. You can begin by tracking every average transaction value and also a comparison of price with your competitors. Take a look at the customer’s lifetime spend on your products.

5 Effective Ways to Help You Improve the Business Image

Understand Your Brand and Set Your Goals: Where do you see your brand growing in the next 5 or 10 years? What is the message you are providing? Are you solving any problems? Are you socially and environmentally conscious? Break them into smaller goals and create a brand value. As a founder, you are a critical part of setting the tone with the employees and customers.

Showing consistency: People like to see consistency in the brand. From printed material, online posting, website design, or your package, everything ought to look similar. People are very watchful, and even a small thing can go a long way. It shows that you are involved in every step of the way.

Keep the Media Attractive: One of the best ways to attract new people is to have good design, photographs, and content. These are liked by all age groups and have the chance to go viral. Gone are those days where people used very primary content and not worry about hits. But now the competition is higher, and presentability is the key.

Be a Storyteller: There are several platforms available to bring out your brand stories. There are social media platforms, podcast platforms, newsletters, etc. Don’t be afraid to express your thoughts as you never know how it will connect with them. It is also an excellent way to start a conversation with your consumers. At the end of the day, people want a more human brand.

Be Relevant: Always talk about something related to current affairs. Do not be oblivious; at the same time, do not feel the pressure to participate at all times. Take what is relevant to your brand and give a shoutout about the same.

How Did These Top Brands Build a Great Identity?

Apple: When Apple started, their main aim was to create a user experience like never before. So, this brand is a textbook example of how to create a strong presence. Their computers, phones, and tablets are innovative and always ahead of the game. So, owning an Apple product spontaneously makes you hip and creative. People do not mind paying extra because of the whole experience.

Airbnb: This brand thrives only on customer’s experiences. Airbnb has shifted its services from only renting the place to providing experiences such as eating, hiking, etc. And instead of building stories, they acquire stories from their customers. It gives them an edge in offering comfort to their new members. Their ‘Belong Anywhere’ campaign had short films shot by customers that earned their YouTube channel 200,000 subscribers.

Nike: Their storytelling game has been more powerful long before there were any online platforms. Instead of pushing their brands, they bring out stories of real athletes to inspire younger ones. None of their press-releases is merely statements. Instead, it is a story that people want to read or share. Their social media campaigns, offline campaigns, and sponsorships, everything has a story to tell. And, every story is relevant and up to date.

We hope you find the above examples and points useful. If you already have an identity, worry not. It’s never too late to change everything. After all, even big brands have done that from time to time. But your branding should be focused on ethics, goals, and audience. And, even the slightest detail like picking a colour matter. Did you know that all it takes is 10 seconds to capture your customer’s eye to stay in their memory? So, make every second count!

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