How to Explore Content by Ahrefs Content Explorer?

What is Ahrefs?

It is an SEO Software that consists of tools that are made for keyword research, Link building, tracking your website rank, competitor analysis, and site audits.

We will discuss all these features and will know how Ahref Content Explorer works, how it helps the marketing professionals. Ahrefs is a very effective SEO tool that developers and marketers use to improve Google rankings.

It is used to evaluate a website’s link profile, the ranking of the keywords, and SEO health. Why is Ahref Content Explorer important? The reason is that it helps to spot content that has performed well on a particular Topic.

Ahrefs Terms You Must Know

Before using Ahref Content Explorer, the only necessity or requirement is that you must be aware of some crucial terms of Ahref Content Explorer such as URL Rating (UR), Domain Rating (DR), Anchors, Referring Domains, CTLDs Distribution, Ahrefs Rank, Parent Topic, Traffic Potential, and Keyword Difficulty.

These are important terms that will help you to understand this SEO tool even better. Know more about Ahrefs Content Explorer.

What Is Backlink analysis?

Backlink Analysis in Ahref Content Explorer is like oxygen, it is one of the most important features. You can analyze the backlinks of your competitors which will help you to find out links that are harmful to your own website.

Know more about Backlink Profile, Ahrefs Backlinko, Ahrefs Dashboard, Ahrefs Backlinks menu, Ahrefs Backlinks, Ahrefs Dofollow filter, Ahrefs Filters.

The backlinks report also provides two major benefits; firstly you get to know about the pages that can be linked to your competitor’s website.

Secondly, you can use their profile link to evaluate why other users link to that particular website.

Yet another feature of Ahref Content Explorer that is really awesome is called Link Intersect that helps you in showing various link building opportunities that are available for you right now. Opportunities that you can directly tap into.

Another helpful feature is Link Reclaim that will help you to get lost backlinks.

Ahref Content Explorer “Keyword Research” Tool

This feature will give you loads of data on a particular keyword. You will be able to zoom in exponentially over a particular keyword, just like a telescope.

In case you have used any keyword tool before then you might be aware of the terms such as search volume and keyword competition.

Another amazing feature that is really helpful in Ahref Content Explorer is Keyword difficulty and search volume. This will help you to choose a keyword to get the best SEO results in case you are confused between any two keywords.

You can also analyze the keyword’s “Return Rate” which is the number of times users search for a keyword more than once.

Ahref Content Explorer SERP history

With this feature, you can know how certain pages have made their way to the top and how certain pages when off-page 1 results.

On the other hand, you can also see how results vary over time. You can analyze whether the link building has been stable over the period or not.

In addition, SERP History, Ahrefs disintegrates the 10 results based on URL Rating, Domain Rating, number of backlinks, and more.

Another feature of Ahref Content Explorer is “Top Keyword” that presents those keywords in front of you that gives you the most amount of organic traffic.

You can also use the Ahref Content Explorer for various types of search engines that are YouTube, Baidu, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Amazon, etc.

Organic Search Traffic

This is hands down the most useful feature of Ahref Content Explorer that can bring out tons of Google results to check which websites are ranking on what types of keywords.

Also, the moment you enter the domain or URL into Ahrefs, you can see the exact list of terms that they rank for. Due to this feature, you can analyze your competitors and your competition. You can also keep a track of how your website is performing.

You can also spot the organic Keywords as well as organic Traffic which will show you keywords that a domain ranks for and the amount of traffic.

You can also check how these metrics have transformed over a period of time with this nifty chart.

However, there are more valuable features that are much more actionable such as Ahrefs Organic keywords report which can specify the amount of traffic you are currently deriving from each term.

Adding on we have Ahrefs Backlink traffic value in Ahref Content Explorer. Do you think more traffic equals more sales?

If so then you might be wrong. What if the amount of traffic you are driving to your website is lacking commercial intent?

Then what’s the point of getting such traffic? It’s not valuable, but if you get visitors with strong buyer intent then this will be presented in your Traffic Value report.

With the help of this, you can know the quality of your search traffic.

Ahref Content Explorer “Co schedule ” can guide you on writing a press release that is related to SEO too.

Ahref Content Explorer

Ahrefs Content Explorer is developed and designed in such a way that it will present the content before you that has lots of social shares, not necessarily backlinks.

It acts like BuzzSumo. So how does this feature work? This feature allows you to get Highly-Shared Content, this is the reason why many people use this as their sole Content Explorer.

You just need to type in a keyword into the Ahref Content Explorer and you will get a list of articles that got millions of shares on various social media platforms.

You can also pick up a particular social media network that you wish to focus on and then sort by the shares on that particular social media platform.

You can also sort the traffic by Traffic Value Metric. With the help of this feature, you can see what type of content is still driving valuable traffic, even till date.

With the help of Ahref Content Explorer, you can also find Republished Posts which means that you will be able to find content that has been republished.

The republished menu helps you to analyze why a specific piece of content did so well.

Ahrefs Content explorer SEO tips and tricks will tell you whether this particular page has been updated regularly and relaunched over time

Other Helpful Features In Ahrefs Content Explorer

Competing Domains

These features are the ones that are apart from every other category that we have mentioned above. Firstly, we’ll talk about Competing Domains, this will give you the list of domains that are competing with the same terms and want to rank on those terms.

This will let you know about the domains that are competing against your Google organic search results.

Competing Domains is more useful and effective for you when you have launched a new website or you have got a new contract with any of your clients.

Content Gap

Ahrefs Content Explorer comes with “Content Gap” that shows you those keywords that your competitors rank for, but you aren’t currently ranking on them.

This allows you to analyze two competing websites that are currently ranking on the same keyword. You can also rank your website on the same keyword.

On one hand, you have ‘input competitors’ and on the other hand, you have ‘input own website’ after which the content gap report is just a click away. Once you press enter you will get a list of more than 10,000 keywords that your website can possibly rank for.

Ahref Domain comparison

This allows you to see how you stand in front of your competitors. You get a domain comparison report too, with the help of which you can spot the referring domains.

Features Of Ahrefs Content Explorer That Can Be Unlocked

You can spot Broken Links via broken links report. This includes Analyze Anchor Text which can enhance your Google ranking.

With the help of Anchor Report, you can look into the Best By Links Growth which will show you the pages that are currently bringing links right now.

Ahrefs Backlinko is also very useful because it allows you to see what your competitors in your industry are linking to.

Batch Analysis

In case you are doing SEO at any level then Batch Analysis in Ahref Content Explorer is just perfect for you. You don’t need to evaluate URLs one after the other, you can evaluate 200 URLs in one go!

Spot Guest Post Opportunities

You can use Ahref Content Explorer to spot and get sites in your niche which can accept guest posts or you can find the industry’s best guest posting service provider company on search engines like Google and Bing. So if you are aiming to get maximum Social Media Shares and referral traffic from blogs and news sites, with the help of this feature you easily can.


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