3 Easy Ways to Create an Alert Bar in WordPress

WordPress provides its users with a plethora of features that can be used to cater to their demands to create the perfect website. One such feature is that of WordPress theme customization which allows you to customize the WordPress theme as per your business needs. This tweaking can be done by the creator themselves, or one can even hire WordPress developers for the same.

Using this feature, you can also add an alert bar or notification bar to your website. This bar allows your site visitors to be informed about anything important like the updates regarding your site or even offers. It is a better option than using a popup as the bar is always visible at the top of every page on your site.

WordPress provides its users with many easy ways to create such alert bars. For your convenience, we have listed 3 of the simplest ways to do so. The one using HTML and CSS code deems to be the most professional, while the ones using notification bar plugins (like OptinMonster and SeedProd) are more convenient to carry out. Either way, each method provides the same results.

Method 1: Using Custom HTML/CSS Code

The most efficient method to create a notification bar in WordPress is to make it from scratch using HTML and CSS code. However, this method requires familiarization with WordPress-oriented code and is not advised for beginners. For best results using this method, it would be beneficial to hire WordPress developers to carry out the task for you. This will provide you with a more professional looking site, which would increase its credibility.

However, this is not feasible for sites created by individuals, which don’t get much revenue. They should opt for any of the two other methods mentioned below. But, if you are accustomed to CSS and HTML yourself, you can work this option out without seeking professional help.

To create the alert bar, you first need to write the CSS code for it which describes the style for the bar. You then have to add the HTML code for the same, which can be done using the free Insert Headers and Footers plugin. This is one of WPBeginner’s most easy to use plugins that can contribute to customizing your webpages.

Method 2: Using SeedProd Plugin

SeedProd is a WordPress plugin recognized for its exemplary Coming Soon and Maintenance pages that create a hype around your site even before it is launched. It generates greater relevant traffic and leads for your site, giving it a jump start on Google and expanding its reach.

It also has a notification bar plugin that you can use to make the alert bar you require for your site. But this option is available only if you buy a paid package from SeedProd.If you are not willing to shell out cash to make your site, you can try Method 1 mentioned above. But this method proves to be the easiest one available, so if you can, do go for it.

As is the case for most plugins, it has to be installed and connected to your site to work. SeedProd offers several features, and the notification bar is no exception. The text can be formatted to suit your taste using the Typography option. You can even add links to buttons that will be activated when the user clicks on them.

It allows a quick switch between the Enable and the Disable mode so that the user can simultaneously view the effects of their formatting and make quick decisions regarding the design. It provides a variety of color options, as well as the ability to add additional elements like countdown timers, email options, links, etc.

Method 3: Using the OptinMonster Plugin

OptinMonster is the best conversion optimization software you can find in the market and is highly effective in the transformation of website visitors into customers. It allows the use of dynamic overlays like countdown timers which help attract subscribers and increase the reach of your website.

The software is created such that you get impressive results by spending minimal time on it. It comes with many pre-built templates, easing the process of creating a professional-looking alert bar. You just have to install and activate the OptinMonster WordPress plugin to create an alert bar using this method.

You can choose when and where to display your alert bar on the site. It allows you to add important updates at the top of your website making it clearly visible to your visitors.

You can even add and edit a countdown timer, setting it to an evergreen countdown instead of a static one so that it is personalized for each visitor on your site.


Adding an Alert bar is one of the key features of WordPress theme customization and must be done to increase the potency of the site.