How to Connect to a VPN Server on Windows

Whether it is for your personal work or professional work, using a VPN can give you so many benefits. Connecting to a VPN is so easy but if you don’t know how to connect to a VPN server on windows then you will get no further. By following some simple steps you can connect VPN server over any version of Windows desktop to VPN effortlessly.

Many VPN software companies offer their software to desktop clients so a user can directly connect the system to a VPN. You just have to open the software over your desktop and select the VPN server location from where you want to connect your system.

How to Connect to VPN Windows 10

Windows 10 supports SSTP, PPTP, and IKEv2 connections without any third-party software. To connect and create VPN server windows 10 you have to edit your system settings first. In the network and internet section, you have to select the “Add a VPN connection” option. Now you can connect to a new VPN connection by entering the connection details of your virtual private network.

You can put any name under “connection name” because it is just an identification of a VPN to your computer. Note – that your VPN provider should be able to give you all details that you have to fill for your connection. First, you need a VPN provider details and then a server name or address and VPN type & password. After entering all the details you can easily get connected to your VPN.

How do I Connect to a VPN server?

Now you are aware of how to setup VPN on Windows 10 but it’s not ended now. Here are some more operating systems where you can connect and use your VPN connections like Mac, iOS, and android. There are many VPN apps available in the market that offers OpenVPN protocol which makes the connection so easy. It allows the app to configure your system settings according to your VPN connection. But when it comes to privacy, everyone chooses the manual setup option available there.

So if you want to know about the setup of the VPN connection in android, Mac and iOS then here are some short tips.

  • For Android: To Set up your VPN connection on android you have to open your mobile settings and then the network settings. After entering the advanced options you can see the VPN option available there. Just click on that and enter your password and other details to get connected to your VPN on android.
  • For Mac: To set-up a VPN connection on a Mac device you have to dive into the system preferences and then networks. Now the process is so straightforward, click the plus symbol on the left and choose your VPN with drop-down menu. Now you have to just enter the related details of VPN connection like password and VPN type to get connected.
  • For iOS: If you want to do the manual setup of your VPN on iOS then look here. Just go to the settings and click or tap on the General. Scroll down and then you will see the option to connect a VPN. Now Tap on the Add VPN and enter your details of your VPN and start using it.

So here’s the complete detail of how to setup a VPN server on different devices.

How Do I Connect to Another Computer Using VPN?

  • Open the VPN menu on the remote computer: This computer will be the one that should be connected with public internet access. Now type VPN in the search box of your desktop and select the set up virtual private network connection option. This will take you to the VPN wizard.
  • Configure the outgoing connection of VPN: Now enter the IP address of the computer or server you want to connect within the field for the address of the internet. Enter the password and username by which you will be able to access the network and then connect that.
  • Open the outgoing VPN connection: Click on the connect button after tapping on the windows logo that appears on the VPN Windows. Now click on the section available below there for “VPN Connection”.
  • Access incoming computer adapter settings: Search for the network and sharing center on the search bar of the desktop. Then click on the “change adapter settings” to manage your connection.
  • Enter the name of the system you want to give VPN access: Tap on your keyboard with (ALT+F) Select the “New incoming connection”. A wizard comes up on your screen and asks you to select the user you want to give VPN access to. Select the user or name of your first computer and click on the Next button.
  • Set up the incoming VPN connection: First click on the option that shows you want all user access to this network. And click on the Next button now. Set up the type of IP address you want to use for this connection. Just allow access and use your private network through a VPN.

Final Verdict

Hope you will try all the steps which above mentioned to connect VPN server on Windows. Along with it there are some additional information to use VPN over several OS.