How to Build a Successful Esports Tournament Website?

Esports is a multibillion-dollar industry with a global audience of more than 300 million users. Esports involves tournaments and leagues for the audience in a competitive manner. Esports is the combination of entertainment and engagement in the virtual world of games. The organizers are emphasizing on esports platform development solutions for generating a huge amount of revenue in their business. Esports industry involves traditional sports as well as other games such as Dota, Counterstrike, League of legends, overwatch, and many more. Esports games are categorized based on top genres such as first-person Shooter, a multiplayer online battle arena, card games, real-time strategy games, battle royale, and mass multiplayer online games. The esports industry is growing in terms of viewership as well as investments. According to business insider, the revenue of the esports industry will reach more than $1.5 million by 2022. Along with that, a recent report by Lifewire shows that esports companies paid $71 million prizes a few years ago.

What is Esports?

Esports also is known as electronic sports are video games played by individuals or a team. It involves professional competitions organized for entertaining large numbers of audience. An individual can easily earn prize money by winning in the tournaments of esports. Along with the prizes, esports has more than 500 million viewers streaming through online platforms.

Many esports tournament websites offer huge payouts to the users. Many of them provide mobile apps, competitions, and guidelines for the audience. The development of esports tournament websites gives better opportunities to the organizers and investors to enhance their business in the esports industry.

Esports Market

The extreme growth of the esports industry cannot be matched by any other industry. As per the record of the Newzoo’ annual report, the esports industry generated $200 million in revenue in 2019. According to research by Green Man Gaming, the number of people watching esports games has increased by more than 443 million people daily.

Sponsorship is the biggest source for generating huge revenue in esports. Esports generated revenue of $ 359 million from sponsorship, $170 million from advertising. As mentioned by Forbes, esports will grow by 40% by 2022.

World Esports Association (WESA) is a rising system for developing a service structure for esports. The association develops esports by regions, organized rules, schedule tournaments, pay shares for broadcasters, and scheduled gatherings.

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Esports Games

There are various games involved in esports but as per the popularity, prize pools and number of viewers, top esports games are as follows:

Dota 2

This game was launched in the year 2013 and falls under the genre of the multiplayer online battle arena. The OG team was the first team in history that gathered more than 2 million people around the world and improved the TI result of 63%. DOTA 2 is a great contributor to esports popularity.


This game was released in 2016 under a first-person shooter game. This game is played in multiple modes and organized annually for international players. The esports viewership increases through overwatch. This game is majorly popular in the United States.


This game was released in 2012 and is majorly popular in the United Kingdom. This game earned a prize pool of more than 1 million dollars. It involves a series of games and influences a large number of audiences to the tournament.

Leagues of Legends

This game was launched in 2009 by Riot Games. The Riot games always provide constant updates for their audience. It covers the multiplayer online battlefield game. There are professional competitions involved in Europe and America. The LOL created a new record in the number of viewers of 4 million in 2019.


This game was developed in 2017 as a third-person shooter game. This game gathered 1 million players on the launch and gathered $ 20 million prize money in 2019. This game is under the battle royale genre where teams fight to win a match. As per the statistical record of 2019, more than 200 million people play Fortnite regularly.

Crucial Features that Should Be Available in Esports Tournament Website

Esports tournament website helps the players to track and schedule the tournaments as per their choice. The tournament websites have various features of popular games and events with different levels of competition. Here are the features that must be available in esports tournament websites:

  • The users must be able to view the match reports on the website.
  • The organizers must ensure that the tournaments can be easily available for the users.
  • The users on the website must be able to create their own list of players.
  • The website must be easily accessible for the players to run their tournaments.
  • The entrepreneurs must ensure that the users can compare their team and players with the help of appropriate tools and can also create leaderboards easily.
  • The Website must be well responsive to mobile visitors.
  • Currently, social networks are also connected with esports. Thus, the website must allow users to build social networks and other features on the platform.

Build an Esports Tournament Website

Esports industry is growing rapidly, so the organizers need to build an esports tournament website for generating revenue. There are different approaches available for the organizers as follows:

Esports Website Builder

This approach involves tournament website builders that have various features such as match reports, statistics, tournaments schedules, leaderboards, etc. They have management portal options with different website templates. The organizers need to sign up for the website builder and can create a site easily.


It is another approach to building tournament websites. The organizers can easily build websites with the help of plugins and themes available on WordPress. The themes have customized options and features available for the audience. WordPress has enabled users to manage their esports content easily. Organizers need to buy web hosting and website domain to build an effective esports tournament website.

Custom Development of Website

This approach requires professionals to build a website with all appropriate needs and tools for the website. It has various features for the users including the integration of APIs to attract a large audience. It also includes leaderboard, social media, statistics, and many more. Here are a few factors that need to consider while building custom esports tournament websites:

  • Wireframing: For creating a structure for the website before designing the content.
  • Design: Appropriate designing of user-friendly websites for attracting customers.
  • Development: It includes coding to make a website responsive.
  • APIs: An application programming interface decides the interaction between user and website.
  • Quality Assurance: It proves the performance of the website that detects faults in the website.
  • Development and Operations: It involves the intersection of software development and technologies for reducing the process of the website.


Esports is showing its popularity in the market. Thus, the audience and investors need to grab this opportunity. As discussed above, there are popular games involved such as league of legends, overwatch, counter strike, and many more. These games can be wonderful platforms for investors to attract a large number of audience. According to the statistical records, the esports market enhances the revenue of the business, organizers can also build their esports tournament website for the users to raise their revenue. As stated above there are various approaches available for building an esports tournaments website.