How Spy Software for WhatsApp helps in COVID-19 Pandemic?

As we all know that the last two months happens to very tough for the entire world. The COVID-19 has been spread all over the world and it has become a pandemic. Almost a million people have got infected due to this virus and almost hundred thousand deaths have been reportedly confirmed. The Coronavirus outbreak got started from Wuhan and then spread more than 200 hundred countries of the world.  Millions of kids and teens went to house arrest due to school enclosures and even the working men and women are helpless to go outside to do their jobs and to run their businesses.

Now in my opinion people who are working for I.T industries by using their tablets and cellphones are still in the business because they are allowed to do their jobs form home. Most of the business firms have allowed their employees to take business owned devices to their homes.

On the other hand, young kids and teens that already have social media obsession now facing house arrest are more likely to use social media apps like WhatsApp. We have come up for both for business professionals and parents to make sure their children safety and business with spy software for WhatsApp.

Is WhatsApp spy software helpful for business & digital parenting in COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes indeed, it is very helpful both for business professionals and for parents to look after teens and kids’ activities who spend all the time on instant messaging apps in the COVID-19 outbreak. Kids and teens have to remain at home and parents, on the other hand, have to allow their children to increase their screen-time because they have no other option to entertain their teens and kids.

On the other hand, employers need to do surveillance on their employees working from home and have to do chats and text conversations with colleagues in working hours on the business owned device. So, employers have to look after their employee’s conversations and text messages shared documents on a business owned device installed instant messenger.

It will help out business owners to use WhatsApp spy app to see their messages, conversations, multimedia sharing, audio-video call logs and voice messages on business owned cellphones. On the other hand, parents can track kids’ and teens’ social media app activities to the fullest having the best tool for online parenting that enables them to monitor the social messaging app.

How does WhatsApp spying app work?

If you want to monitor your children and employees working from home in Coronavirus outbreak then you must have access to the cell phone monitoring software. All you need to do is to use your mobile browser and then visit the official webpage of the cell phone spying app. Now get the credentials once you are one the page and further get the credentials via an email inbox. Now ask your employees to install it on the business owned devices otherwise their work will not be considered. While on the other side, parents can install TheOneSpy mobile spy on the kid’s phone without them know because they own their device.

Furthermore, activate it on the targeted devices and further go to the features to spy on the instant messaging app. Now you need to use the credentials and get access to the web portal where you can get access to the dozens of features to do surveillance on WhatsApp. Let’s get to know about the tools to spy on social media app for business safety and to make sure kid’s online safety.

Use WhatsApp spying software tools to get the job done

Live screen recording

Parents or employers can use their web portals and they can further get access to the targeted devices and further activate it. It will instantly start functioning and record short videos of the screen when WhatsApp is active on the targeted devices. Furthermore, all the recorded videos deliver to the dashboard where parents get access and get to know about the activities of employees and kids respectively.

IM’s logs

Parents and employers can get the logs of WhatsApp logs from their targeted mobile and tablet devices likewise text messages, chats, shared media files, video and voice call logs, and Voice messages logs.


The business community is at stake due to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 and parents as well whose kids have social media obsession. Employers who can allow their employees to work from home can look after their activities on WhatsApp in working hours on business-owned devices. Parents, on the other hand, can spy WhatsApp activities of teens to the fullest.