Hotschedules Login Guide, Tips & Tutorials

The cloud-based technology HotSchedules is a new age and featureful automated operational management software specially designed for restaurant businesses but also can be used for retail and hospitality industries. From recruiting and training to scheduling, business intelligence, inventory management, shift communication and more; HotSchedules can be applied for A-Z operational management for the above-mentioned industries. The following article will focus on the different HotSchedules login processes for diverse platforms. Follow further for complete acknowledgment. Feel free to mention your queries and suggestions in comments below for expert assistance.

Used by over a million individuals in the restaurant and hotel industry, starting from owners and managers to bartenders, line cooks and servers, as well, HotSchedules is a well trusted and popular name among other available advanced employee scheduling and labor management solutions available in the market. At present, HotSchedules is widely used in numerous companies that range from small & medium business operators to independent restaurants to large franchise operations and restaurant chains.

This employee forecasting and work scheduling tool is highly versatile, and not a stand-alone tool for only personal computers uses. It can be effortlessly used on various platforms which include any iOS & Android compatible devices.

If you are a new HotSchedules user and unaware of its complete web interface, continue further to know the complete login process associated with HotSchedules for different devices.


As you all know that, login process couldn’t be done without some essentials so, let’s discuss them below to make it more understandable.

  1. The first thing you need is your username and password which is the main part of this process.
  2. Then secondly, you have a best Wi-Fi connection or internet.
  3. Then, any devices like Pc, Smartphone, etc.
  4. And our web portal, now you are ready to go further.



To log in your account on HotSchedules is not a difficult task, here you can manage the entire features of your account and avail all services as well. There are some steps mentioned below which, guide you while login your account on HotSchedules:

#1. Start your preferred browser and type “” in the address bar.

#2. Select the “Login” button available on right side of the website.

hotschedule login

#3. Now the users need to put their username and password for HotSchedules account properly in the mentioned boxes.

hotschedule login 1st

#3. Select the “Remember me” checkmark if the device is assigned for your personal and secure use. It will save your time for repeated login.

hotschedule login remember

#4. Now press the “Login” and access HotSchedules account.

hotschedule login ID


Using HotSchedules in smart mobile devices is as convenient as managing it in a computer. It can be both managed via a web browser or an application on smart mobile devices. Whereas the login process for web browsers in smart devices will be the same as above mentioned, the HotSchedules users need to follow this below-given instruction for successful HotSchedules app login on smart devices.

  1. At first, the users require to download the HotSchedules app designated for their devices. It could be Android or iOS. The HotSchedules application is available for both of this most user preferred smart device platform.
  2. After installing the app, tap on the HotSchedules’ green and white mixed icon.
  3. Put the username and password.
  4. Press “Login” and that’s it. The account is ready to be used.

Any difficulties or errors faced during a HotSchedules login should be assisted with an expert HotSchedules support member for proper solutions. Users can also email HotSchedules customer support for easy query solving and solutions.


HotSchedules App for Android – Playstore: Click here

HotSchedules App for Android – iOS App Store: Click here