How to Login to GMX Mail Account?

Founded in 1997 by Global Mail Exchange in Germany, GMX Mail is one of the best free advertising supported email service provider. Currently GMX mail service is available in 4 Languages. In Germany you can use GMX.Net in German language and for English, Spanish and French languages you can use GMX.Com. As per latest information, there are 11 Million active users are using their webmail service. Every GMX user can create up to 10 individual GMX email addresses. The website is providing some unique features but free version of GMX webmail differ from GMX.Net and GMX.Com

Some of the most unique features of GMX mail:

1. Mail Collector: All email at only one place. This advanced feature offered by GMX which allows their users to organize all their emails without creating any problem. By using this feature, you can easily segregate your personal and official Emails. People who are very busy and entrepreneurs really love this feature.

2. Address Book: GMX offers address book feature, where you can store your contacts i.e. Personal and Official. This feature allows their user to maintain their Email and other information, related to your friends, family and business associates.

3. Organizer: By using this feature you can organize your Emails in subfolders, so you don’t miss any important email. You can also create folders.

4. File Storage: This feature allows their users to store files and contacts i.e. personal or professional, on a secure web space which is accessible for you form anywhere, anytime.

5. File Sharing: The advanced feature used by users to share any file or/and folders within the network or outside the network. By using this feature multiple users can view and work on same file at a same time or as per their convenience.

6. Security: The advanced Security protects your Email and your important document from virus & spam.

If you already have a GMX Webmail account, then you can easily login to your GMX Email account by following steps listed below:

How to Login to GMX

1. First you need to type at your favorite browser i.e. Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla, Safari and Internet Explorer. And you will end up on the home page of GMX.

2. At the home page of the GMX.Com, you will find a login button, press that button.

3. After that submit your login credentials i.e. Username and Password.

4. Then Click on the “Log in” button and you will automatically redirect to our GMX Mail account.