A Major Shift in Digital Marketing Strategies: Past Vs 2021

No matter how old you are, you must be familiar with marketing since the time you ever came into your senses. Marketing has always been a part of every business, since like forever. However, the strategy. Means and modes of marketing have been emerging and evolving over the decades and eras.

Now you would be thinking about how people sold their products in the old days where there was no internet, TVs or radio channels for marketing. Well before that, they had print medium and even before that, they used to sell with direct marketing just as a fruit seller does now. If you still observe how people sell their products on street directly by telling people individually about their products.

Moreover, if you observe now you will find that there has been a major shift in the marketing strategies when you compare it to the past. People are much more educated, smarter, clever and most importantly lazy. With the great advancements in the marketing industry with the emergence of various digital marketing platforms. The infinite opportunities and facilitations have hindered the need for people to go out anymore in a massive way.

Major Differences Between the Past and Now

Back in the old days, let’s not go in the extreme past but the era with initial digital marketing which included radio and TV, people had a lot of difficulties. The difficulties people claim that they had faced included reaching out to the business, giving their feedback, getting things from the market, carrying huge amounts of money, travelling from one place to another just to get a small thing. These are just a few things however now businesses have made everything easier for them. They have started to make social media pages, create a Wikipedia page, and develop a website or app along with many other things.

Back in the past people needed to go to the market but now technology has brought the market at the doorstep of the customer and thanks to the mobile phone; it is now in their hands. However, with the advancements in technology it’s not only the customers who have better options but also the businesses have managed to boost their growth and gain recognition in the digital market.

Considering these things, when people now go to the markets, they ask the shopkeepers about their online platforms so they would not need to visit the physical store again. The businesses that are still far from digital platforms are getting a hard time maintaining the business. While there are some others, that benefit from both the online markets and the physical ones.

There is clearly no doubt that the digital markets and digital marketing has changed the business operations over the time and now stand completely firm and strong for a very long time in the future.

Some Major Benefits of Digital Marketing in Today’s Date

Digital marketing today is the core reason of business’s success today and is generating massive revenues by saving a lot. Here is how:

  1. Digital marketing requires lesser investments and gives back great revenue, which means you get maximized ROI on everything you do through digital platforms.
  2. Digital marketing and online platforms like Wikipedia, Facebook and Instagram provide the businesses with amazing global reach that goes far beyond anyone’s expectations.
  3. Digital marketing has made the communication better, quicker, easier and much more convenient for both business and the customers.
  4. With the help of digital marketing tools, now the businesses are able to properly deliver their messages to their audience.
  5. Businesses have managed to cope up with timely delivery of services with the help of digital marketing tools.
  6. Now people can go completely cashless, thanks to the digital payment methods, online payments and digital currencies.