How to Delete Yahoo Account / Email ID

Yahoo is one of the most commonly used email service providers in several countries. Millions of users are using this to easily communicate with anyone with the email around the world. Since this email service provider is free anyone can sign up anytime. It has the search engine for the users wherein the additional information can be accessed. Creating a Yahoo mail account is quite a short procedure. Likewise deleting the Yahoo account is also an easy & simple process. Are you looking for the guide to delete your Yahoo account? If so then follow the exclusive guide on how to permanently delete Yahoo account with effortlessness.


Yahoo was one of the most excellent email services around a decade ago. In the present scenario, the newer email service replaced yahoo. Due to this some of them are moving to the new email service. If you are one among that, you need to learn how to delete yahoo email account permanently before moving to the new service. Before you delete yahoo account permanently, there are many things you need to do, which are given below:

#1. Export Yahoo contacts

If you have many vital connections in your account, you need to export them. First, navigate to the contacts options, and then go to Actions and Export. You can export the associates as a .csv file.

#2. Backup your yahoo Attachments & Email

It is essential that you need to take backup of all your data before you deactivate your yahoo account. It is because you may have some essential documents in your email, which will lead to losing once you delete your account. So it is vital to take backups before deleting it.

#3. Make sure access to Yahoo products

If you have subscribed to any other products of Yahoo, it is extremely probable that you will be needed to utilize the same email account for the future access. So try to change the primary account for accessing the particular product before terminating your Yahoo account.

#4. Get rid of third-party access

Some people are aware that third-party apps or websites use our email accounts to permit us immediate access. If your account is linked to any third party service, then it is essential to remove your account before deleting it. Then change the account with the secondary email account to avoid any trouble.

#5. Remove child accounts

Before you delete your Yahoo account ensure that you have deleted any account linked to it. One needs to remember that you can’t be able to use your Yahoo email account once you delete it. It removes your account from its database everlastingly. It cannot be recovered once your yahoo account is deleted.


Removing the yahoo mail account permanently is easy and straightforward. Follow the given instructions to delete it without any hassle:

#1. First, you need to go to the Yahoo Account Delete page

#2. You need to sign in by using the User Id and Password

#3. Click on continue.

#4. Type in the captcha code to verify your humanity

#5. Once you have signed in, you get two options i.e. ‘Terminate This Account’ or ‘Return to Account Information’.


#6. Click the first option ‘Terminate This Account’


#7. Finally, your account gets deleted successfully.