How to Delete Google Search History

Off the top of your mind, how frequently do you sign into Google? Is it ten times?

Is it 50 times or more? Consider every one of the time you search for data on Google, and you can easily be communicating with the browser innumerable times each day. We as a whole do.

“According to a survey, individuals seek on Google around 3.5 billion times each day.”

Then include into the number of times you check Gmail and view videos on YouTube. Google possesses such a large number of online companies that, the truth of the matter is, you can’t envision traversing day without it.

Shockingly, Google – like other online companies – gathers an incredible amount of data about you. The uplifting news is, you can do this one thing to shield your protection from individuals who may utilize your data against you.


Merely remember if you delete your Google history, the majority of your saved passwords will be wiped as well, so you’ll need to re-login to the majority of the sites you had saved passwords for.

Since you’ve most likely effectively utilized Google a large number of times throughout your life now if you need to delete your Google search history and Google program history, don’t stress. Read on How to Delete Google History to find more.

You don’t need different clients who share your PC to sneak into your Google search history. So here are the means by which you can get back Google find under your control and delete every single search or your whole Google search history.

You can make this one move to ensure a lot of your security. Delete your Google search history – we’ll reveal to you how.


There are different ways you can erase google search history. The quickest and most exhaustive route is to delete all your action on there.

#1. To begin, sign into your Google account.

#2. Go to Google and tap for your picture – usually the first letter of your name on the upper-right half of the PC screen, or sign in.

#3. Click on My Account and look down to My Activity. Tap on Go to My Activity.

how to remove google search history

#4. Go to your action page at that point tap on the three vertical specks on the right side of your screen. Select Delete activity by >> select All time starting from the drop menu >> Delete.

how to clear your google search history

#5. You can likewise delete an activity from yesterday, the previous week or the last 30 days.

how to permanently delete google search history

#6. You can also choose a particular thing from your movement history – return to your action page and select Item from the left-side menu.


If you need to delete just particular things or movement you can likewise do that in “My Activity”:

#1. Browse by day. At the upper right of the page, pick More – > Item see

#2. Search or utilize filters.

#3. The item, you need to delete, pick More – > Delete.

#4. Browse by day. At the upper right of the page, pick More – > Item see

#5. Search or utilize filters.

Note: Clearing your program history isn’t the same as remove google history and App Activity history. When you remove your program history, you’re just erasing the history that is privately put away on your PC. Clearing your program history doesn’t do anything with the information put away on Google’s servers. One of the simplest things you can do to guarantee your future online action isn’t followed pushing ahead is excessively pick “Stop Saving Activity” when you think of adjusting your Google settings.


Thus, the steps mentioned above for deleting Google History are simple and easy to follow.