How to Create a Media Kit for Your Website (5 Key Tips)

Imagine a situation where your newly made web page or application is rendered useless only because you were unable to reach the target audience. Yes, the situation is real and happens to every single content creator having zero knowledge of media kit used for social media optimization.

From a low key blogger to a reputed enterprise owner, facing media traffic is a common phenomenon. Presently, the fibre of web content and promotions is elongated to the extent that it becomes impossible for a budding site or app to reach the correct audience.

What is the solution?

The most viable answer to this question would be optimizing your content by adding key information and other personalized standards using WordPress customization service. The process, however, can be simplified and made easy if you are starting using media kits for impeccable usage of the platform where you can find all the business prospects and audience at one go.

What are these Media Kits?

Media kits or what we call press kits for the real audience is a virtual bundle of all the promotional content strategies, toolkits to reach their destined audience. The business environment often hire WordPress developers who develop and store all the distribution and promotional attributes which is later used by a person, business, or an organization for widening their reach and support.

Promotional Benefits of Media Kits

A multipurpose media kit usually performs functions such as branding, promotional business, or professional graph building. But the central idea behind having a media kit is to provide even the smallest of bloggers or quote writers with their desired target audience.

Hence, Media Kits mostly focus on:

  • Fixing the initial and endpoint of a PR or promotional campaign online.
  • Builds a revenue model to increase the credibility of the advertisement.
  • It provides an edge to all your content, blogs, brands, or business campaigns.
  • Gives detailed traffic statistics along with the demographics such as login sessions, regional traffics, gender-based categorization, etc.
  • Improves the contents’ dimensions and ad specs.

Creating a Media Kit for Your Website

After getting a glance over the benefits of having a Media Kit where all the WordPress customization services needed for promotional prospects are bundled together. Let’s delve in deeper into 5 of the essential creation tips for Media Kits:

1. Decide Your Brand Strategy

Your media kit in another language is a toolkit for building your brand’s grip over the market and desired consumers or audiences. Hence, an essential part of determining a successful press kit is to have a firm branding technique. It would help if you always got your roadmap for branding ready using the media promotion toolkits. Be thorough with the strategy and design your campaigns and PR advertisements around it.

2. Fill in Your Content with Relevant Statistics

Gone are those days when flashy images and catchphrases alone were a guarantee for good publicity and promotion. The modern users are smart and so should be your media kit. Always include the detailed analysis of your site and business updated. Transparency is perhaps the most attracting quality of any promotional strategy. Be it an email promotion or a simple media display; you can always be prepared with accessible statistics. This not only builds a clean image but the access works two ways and provides a way to record some of the essential details such as tracker’s visit, domain traffics, referring URLs, etc.

3. Showcase Your Collaboration Window

Media Kits are essentially the easiest way to collaborate with better opportunities in businesses and content promotions. You can use your media strategy to attract better collaboration. Be specific with your details and work field. You can gain easy cooperation in fields such as Marketing Opportunities, Book Sales, Sponsored Blogs, Side Ads, Social Media Promotions, Guest Post services etc.

4. Provide Contacts Info

Experts usually hire WordPress developers to enhance and improve the overall look and presentation of their contact details as the clients are likely to come using them. Media kits too, revolve around making your contact info quite detailed and easy to comprehend so that the confusion between a similar brand of the domain traffic while reaching is minimized. The strategy is simple; you need to add your contact info along with the method of reaching. Experts also suggest adding multiple contact info to reduce the chances of hit and miss.

5. Do Not Forget the Testimonials

Your work is your ultimate promotion, but all words and no proofs are useless until and unless you have a witness. A smart media kit cites all your online mentioned, reviews and testimonials for future usage. These posts and credentials are then strategically spread all over the virtual platform to design a maze leading the audience towards your site.


Regardless of your business or content- media kits are the real key to making your online presence stable and visible. The process is a gradual one but compared to an unguided standard promotion; the yield is more outstanding. To sum it up, media kits are the reliable support your struggling online presence needs.