5 Cool Must Have Items for Techies and Nerds

Not all techies want to have tech stuff. Some want simple trinkets or items that represent themselves or their interests. Below we are a rundown of the five cool and must-have decors each nerdy techy should have.

1. FLASH DRIVES:- Techie would be a techie without your space-age, cutting edge flash drive! Flash drives come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is just a matter of choosing your design and capacity. When choosing flash drives, ensure that you buy from reputable brands and buy from reputable websites. With the influx of numerous brands and models, ensure that the brand has a good history of reliability and warranty. Failure to do so can mean entrusting your hard-earned data to mediocre storage providers and equivalent to losing it inevitably. Also, look out for ultra-cheap prices for flash drives, as these might be fake branded ones and may use inferior chips. Also, beware that some shady providers modify the actual capacity of the flash drives to overstate the given capacity when compared to the actual capacity it holds. When this happens, any data you store above the actual chip capacity becomes lost in “flux” and would surely be lost. Worse, it may even corrupt your other stored files.

2. CUSTOM BOBBLEHEADS:- To own not just your run of the shelf Bobbleheads, but custom-made bobbleheads! These add spice and elegance to any desk or your vehicle. With custom bobbleheads, you are in charge of the look, design, and feel of the item. Having them is not only a novelty but a sign that you are into that genre or design. Custom made bobbleheads will ensure that your desired designs come to life. Configure it to look like your favorite superhero, or better yet, make yourself a superhero! The sky is the limit with your imagination! Head on over to www.bobbleheadninja.com to shop start customizing your custom bobblehead.

3. DIGITAL WATCH:- Watches are a sure must-have for techies and nerds. Why? Because analog time telling is well, so analog! Digital watches come in all shapes, sizes, and brands. Their additional features usually differentiate most digital watches than just telling time. The current trend for digital watches is now geared towards fitness and exercise monitoring. Sometimes, they are even classified as health bands. When selecting a digital watch, ensure that the features most essential to you are present. If you need just a basic watch that just tells time, then your choices are plentiful. However, once you look for features like GPS tracking, multiple time-zone synching, steps counting, route plotting, altitude, and depth sensing, you will be on the plethora of specialized watch manufacturers. One thing is for sure though, whatever watch you choose, be sure to weigh the pros and cons as well as the price of the additional features. Some fully-featured watches will even come close to luxury watch territory!

4. POWER BANK:- All these techno-gadget hubbubs and all the gadgets lying around you, you would then need some power source to fuel up and charge all your gadgets. Again, just like flash drives, there are a plethora of available options from cheap, low-quality power banks, to the high end, high capacity options. The choice is up to you! But, keep in mind, with power banks and batteries in general, you get what you pay for! A cheap power bank will, of course, be made of cheap materials. While a premium-priced one will also cost you more, this will surely be made of premium quality materials and technology. Keep a lookout for power banks that support newer technologies such as fast-charging and USB-C. Having a high-end phone or gadget charged to a low-end or mediocre power bank could damage the device. You must choose wisely! Select from well-known brands and those who use newer technologies. Also, when selecting the capacity, ensure that the power bank would have a rated capacity of at least three times the battery capacity of your gadget. Having a power bank that only has a rated capacity of 1x or 2x your gadget isn’t economical at all. This is because you would run through more recharge cycles for your power bank, causing its battery to deteriorate at a much faster rate. The lesser you charge, the longer your power bank will last!

5. BLUETOOTH EARBUDS:- Are the days of the wire! It’s time to go wireless! Remember, we are in the era of technology, convenience, and form factor. Bluetooth earbuds are a Godsend for those with wire tangling issues! These are sleek, easy to carry and last long for every charge. When selecting Bluetooth earbuds, you can even go for off-brand ones which cost lesser but deliver the same performance as those branded ones. In order to find out which is best, you should compare at least three reviews from three independent review sites before settling on your choice. Also, be sure to select the correct features right for your usage. Most earbuds come with at least water resistance, this is very useful, especially for those who use these for their daily jog or exercise music blasters. Be sure to also try before you buy. Try to fit those and ensure that the buds you selected wouldn’t accidentally drop off your ear – potentially losing you those expensive earbuds and making your stereo earbuds to a mono earbud. Also, try to test them out with your phone to ensure compatibility. Not all Bluetooth earbuds will work with your phone! The last thing you would want to happen is buying something that doesn’t work with your phone!

This is not an all-inclusive list. But this list should get you started on which items to buy for yourself or a friend who is a techy nerd. Being able to select and know for sure which items you like or don’t like will give you an idea on which items to prioritize or look for similar items that invigorate your taste.