6 Best Streaming Apps to Use and Enjoy

Whenever people get bored after watching the countless videos in 1080p, they want a change. They go to the Cinema Theatre to watch the video in 4K results on a larger LED. There is a problem; most people don’t like the crowd and a noisy place. No doubt Cinema Theatre is a noisy place, so people prefer to watch videos on their laptops in 4K results, but they can’t.

So Today, we will discuss six best streaming apps that you can use on your android phone, computer, MacBook, and iOS devices to watch any video in 4K quality. There is no need for a super internet connection or VPNs. You will be able to explore everything at an average speed of your internet. So let’s start without wasting time.

You will get a complete guide on how you can install these apps on every console, but we will list those apps first.


HBO Max will arrive in the market shortly, but it is the best streaming app because of many features. You can visit the official website of HBO Max APK and see a massive collection of videos in 4K results. Many famous movies, including The Joker and Games of Thrones seasons, are listed on the main page of this app. There are several other categories of videos that you can watch.

The HBO channel is also accessible on your cable, and the apps of HBO are also in the market. HBO GO and HBO Now were the apps that were published earlier, and now HBO Max is released. This app is best for Kids because many famous cartoons, including the Looney Tunes, are also available on this app in 4K quality.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus is an outstanding streaming app that you can use on every device. This app is available in every country, and it is a great competitor of Netflix. It will cross all the older apps that are in the streaming industry from decades. This app contains a lot of content and some great videos are of the Star Wars, Pixar, Marvels and the National Geographic channel.

You can view all videos in 4K quality, and there are many other theatrical films. You can get the Disney Plus APK by visiting this website. There are many other features of this app, so don’t forget to visit the official website of this app.


TeaTV is the best streaming app, but unfortunately, this app is not available on the app store. You can download it from the websites, and this is the best website to download the TEATV app on your Smartphone or Laptop. You can spend many hours watching videos on the TeaTV app without even signing up. This app doesn’t require a sign-up, so that is the reason I consider it the best app. Many other apps don’t need an assign-up, but TeaTV APK is probably the best app for many users.

There is a considerable list of Anime, Cartoons, Comedy, Movies, and Animated Videos. You cannot only watch all these videos, but you will not see any advertisements when you’ll be watching the videos. Moreover, downloading videos is an option for you. You can download the videos of your choice and watch them whenever you want.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is another old streaming app that hosts unlimited content for free. It is an American based streaming service that has 15000 movies in it. It is also famous in Asian countries because it has enabled its services in India.

You can watch the videos in 4K quality, and there is no need to subscribe to their subscription list. You can download the app from its official website and continue to watch the videos you like.

Tubi TV has signed a contract with NBC Universals. Now NBC Universal provides its content in this app, and that is another excellent feature. Tubi TV has almost 20 million users, and when NBC Universal has signed the contract with Tubi, the users are overgrowing.

Hoopla Digital

Hoopla is a free internet television provider. We can say this app is free because it has nothing to do with subscriptions. There is a single problem that an Asian or Middle East user might face. This app serves its services only in Canada and The United States. Asian people can’t explore the content of this app.

These days’ technology is upgrading day-by-day. So people use VPN to view the content that is limited in the USA only. VPN is the best way to see things that are restricted in your country because no footprint is left with VPN.

To download this app, please visit this website that Hoopla owns. You can download it directly from the Play Store because this app is readily available on the Google Play Store. If you are an iOS user, then head over to the Apple Store to get its download link.

Gears TV

Gears TV APK has more than 400+ TV channels, and it is famous because of providing Premium Channels for free. You can use this app not only on Smartphones and other gadgets, but Firesticks are also compatible with this app.

Amazon provides a streaming service named as Amazon Prime. You can watch hours of content on that Amazon Prime app, but you can only do this when you buy a subscription. If you are fond of using Amazon Prime and you don’t want to pay, then please use the Gears TV app. Gears TV has hours of content, and it imports almost all videos from Amazon Prime. I would say that using the Gears TV app is like using the Amazon Prime app.

You will not see any advertisements while watching the videos. The clean and eye-catchy interface of this app will make you surprised.


These were the six best streaming apps that you can use on your Smartphones, Laptops, Mac Book, iOS devices, and on Firesticks. We have briefly explained the entire process of the downloading and installation of these apps.

There are many more apps to come, so don’t forget to revisit our website. We will update all the upcoming apps that will come in the future.