16 Logo Fonts to Look Out for New Age Designers

What’s harder than crafting a logo? Picking up the apt font for its text. Yes, that’s indeed a tough nut to crack because fonts and color scheme of the design can either make or break the brand. Hence, all professional logo designers should cleverly choose the right font that should walk hand-in-hand with the brand’s identity.

A brand’s logo can be anything like an intricate geometric design or pattern. But, as said about the web designing industry that it is ever-evolving, logo fonts keep changing tracks. At times, some fonts that were once history appear out of nowhere in the industry. On the other hand, the fresh ones disappear!

So, we’ve compiled a list of some popular fonts that all professional logo designers should get their hands on in 2020. Peruse and see if our prophecy turns out to be true.


Though it sounds like a name of a tribe, this design is unapologetically perfect for any website. The amalgamation of the thick and thin contrast gives an unconventional but amazing look. If the brand’s logo is embellished, the addition of Bodoni font would do wonders to it.


The Didot font is widely preferred by the fashion industry including the online portals. This font is the perfect screw for fixing anything that is sleek and modern. Leading companies worldwide use Didot font on their websites. Giorgio Armani is one of those names. Don’t believe? Just visit their website and find out.


Developing clear headlines becomes a cakewalk when Teko font is incorporated in the design. Since it has a proportionate structure, it can easily fit inside square logos. And, here’s the best part, it is clearly visible when the monochrome color scheme is included.


Cormorant is itself a display font. Most of the banners around you include this font. Now, you must be thinking what banners include this font? Here’s the three-word answer- every informative banner. Yes, when a banner is put for some information, the cormorant font is included in it.

Alegreya Sans MC

If you guessed that it is related to professionalism, you guessed it right! Alegreya Sans MC is a great illustrative font for website developers. It goes with every theme you can think of. It is bold, clear, and awaits your call to be included in a project.


If a website designer wants to add a 3D effect to the font, without using the 3D font, it can be achieved by using Kanit. Leaving a flat shadow contour and reduced space, it provides a 3D effect to the letters included in the design.


This font is especially for those designers who understand the versatility of logo construction. When you want to carve a design that’s sturdy and everlasting, always choose cataraman font. And, its versatility lies in itself because the cataraman font fits with every logo design.


Not everyone loves cursive font styles. Some designers can enhance the beauty of logo by integrating it with a simple font as well. Rochester font is popular for breathing life into logos. This font can be seen on price tags of dresses.

Passion One

If you have a passion and want that it should reflect in the website logo, just remind the logo designing expert to use Passion One font. It is a strong font that catches the sight of onlookers and makes the logo standout.

Playfair Display

Whenever you feel like adding a tiny bit of iron-nib pen in your logo design, just use Playfair Display font to inject it. Adding such an effect can be like dodging a bullet but can be made simpler by using this font style.

Luckiest Lato

Add some funkiness to your logo text for some light-heartedness. Such fonts are unconventional and that’s a major reason why many professional logo designers use Luckiest Lato font. Many famous food joints and coffee houses use this font while designing the logo.

Saint Georges

Heavy curves and round terminals- nope, we aren’t objectifying anyone. Saint Georges is a popular font used by logo designers in India and other countries. It is basically a burly version of the Serif Sans font. Taglines and quotations are also crafted by using Saint Georges font.

Neo Afrique

When different styles amalgamate to produce beautiful futuristic furnishings, Neo Afrique font comes into existence. Such font is perfect for artistic posters, graffiti posters, and musical promotions, and activities.


Sounding like the Japanese gesture of bidding adieu, Sayonara, the font Saonara is another famous typeface. It is inspired by Didot that makes a great header font for logo taglines.


Interesting lines, curvatures, and some alternates with contrasting strokes- doesn’t it remind you of a font? If it doesn’t, let us tell you that Cako font would be making a comeback in 2020. Owing to its high contrast color scheme, it is a great visual apprentice for designing colorful logos.


We’re sure that the name of this font reminds you of Hagrid, the gatekeeper of Hogwarts in Harry Potter books. Well, he has a font named after him. It’s a cryptographic typeface with different variants which is used for defining taglines with conciseness.

Final Words

And, you just scrolled past through a list of some famous logo fonts that would be making a comeback in 2020! We predicted these 16 fonts for professional logo designers because these will be on the bucket-list for matching the design.

Such fonts can be paid and non-paid. Depending on the availability and choice, logo designers can get their hands on those fonts that are eye-catchy and display the message with clarity. Every font has its own traits and flexibility, hence, their suitability must be considered for making them more effective.

So, by downloading the crack version or purchasing the complete version of the logo fonts, a logo designer can do wonders. Choose the favorite ones and get started now!