The 6 Best Free Video Conferencing Apps

Video Conferencing has now become an effective marketing tool for business groups and employees. With the help of Video conferencing, they hold many online events such as ‘Webinars’ in order to work efficiently and effectively by being at one place in a way eliminating the possibilities of unnecessary travel between sites for meetings. Video conferencing apps works wonder and help businesses to grow especially during the time of calamities and emergency periods like the outbreak of Coronavirus, which led to the lockdown in the whole world. In this case, when everybody is at home, and no one can go to offices for work, video conferencing apps become the most important tool for the “Work from Home” scenario. So, let’s list the 6 best free video conferencing software tools for all the types of businesses and individuals.

1. Google Hangouts: Google Hangouts is the most accepted in the business world. It is a free video-conferencing tool that offers great conference calling options for business employees and for others as well. Google Hangouts allows 25 contacts to connect together using Google calendar at one time. Also, it provides ongoing group chat options for around 150 people together. One can use this conferencing app for video team meeting recordings, individual’s video, audio, and messenger conversations, and many other things.

2. Zoom Meetings: Zoom meeting is an online meeting solution for the business, financial, health care, educational, and government sectors. One can quickly create a private meeting link and share it with a team or with an individual to connect through HD audio and video call online. Zoom Meetings App has security of 256-bit TLS encryption that provides group calling, meeting and messaging options with100 people for the limit of approx. 40 minutes.

3. Skype: For small teams and small businesses, Skype is considered a decent solution. However, remember that it is completely free for those who have Skype installed into their system and gadgets. But, as it supports a video call with a total of 50 people together, it becomes cheaper and one of the better options in the list of best free video conferencing apps. Also, it allows users to save recordings and if they want they can them for up to 30 days.

4. Cisco Webex Meetings: Designed for all types of businesses, the Cisco Webex app is quite popular among employees as it has decent features with impressive performance through the years. With this video app, users of up to 52 countries can customize video layouts, connect to meetings with a single tap and schedule a meeting directly from the app. Also, secured by “TLS 1.2 and AES 256-bit” encryption, Cisco Webex includes the cloud storage of 1GB with an endless number of unlimited length meetings.

5. Jitsi: Having fantastic sets of features, Jitsi is completely free for users. The app not only supports screen sharing but also allows unlimited users to have a video conferencing call together for an unlimited period of time. Isn’t it amazing!

6. Free Conference: Ideal for small business teams or meetings, FreeConference allows only five video participants but on the contrary 1000 audio participants for an unlimited duration. It is not completely free but it has free decent features and options such as ease of use. Without a download, one can use this app for video calls whenever required.