What is Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and Its Features?

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud offers integration of backup with next-gen virus protection in one solution. It quickly eradicates old and evolving viruses trying to infect your backup data.

Along with comprehensive protection and backup, it also provides flexible endpoint management tools which suit the needs of most service providers.

Suppose, you face any disaster or the technical breach, in that case, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud ensures sufficient data/system recovery with low downtime.

IT systems are becoming complex and store a massive volume of data. It is not only costly but also complicated.

Providing opportunities for virus attacks means a considerable loss. And this is why this solution was introduced, to eliminate complexity, improve productivity and security.

You will get better management and superior cybersecurity in one solution.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud comes with advance and essential features which the traditional cybersecurity software can’t provide.

Read along as this post covers all the features in details so that you can know better about Cyber Protect Cloud.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud - The Essential Features

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Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is a revolutionary product that combines data protection, cybersecurity and management system in one solution.

Its feature can handle advance threats and simplifies daily IT operations as well as endpoint management, deployment and reporting.

Features are grouped according to Cyber Security, Data Protection and Endpoint Protection Management.


  • Anti-malware & Antivirus.
    It provides real-time AI-based static and behavioural virus protection that actively protects your clients from today’s advanced threats.
  • #CyberFit score.
    Identify and fill your client’s security gaps with #CyberFit score assessments. It identifies your client’s set of security and provides a recommendation to improve overall safety.
  • Enhanced URL Filtering.
    Prevent attacks from malicious website, control site access with advanced URL filtering technology. With this help your clients in increasing productivity.
  • Global Threat Monitoring & Smart alerts.
    You will receive real-time threats alerts on viruses, vulnerabilities, natural disaster and global events from Acronis Cyber Protection Operation Centre.
  • Vulnerability Assessment.
    Identify your client’s system vulnerabilities and ensure that cybercriminals can’t exploit it.
  • Exploit Prevention.
    You can stop and prevent attacks before a patch is applied with exploit protection. Ensure that everything is well protected.
  • Protection on video conferring programs like- Zoom, WebEx, MS Teams and Citrix Workspace. With people working from home, video conferencing tools are necessities. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud proactively protects the tools with its next-gen security capabilities.


  • Forensic Backup.
    With Forensic Backup, you can run an internal investigation and simply future analysis. Collect digital evidence like memory dumps, process information from disk-level backups.
  • Drive Health Monitoring.
    Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud alerts about disk issues. It proactively monitors drive health so that you can protect your client’s data.
  • Continuous Data Recovery.
    You can list frequently used critical apps so that Acronis continuously backs up the changes made on them. This way, you can restore the data in case of interruptions during work-in-progress.
  • Safe Recovery.
    Backup of OS can have vulnerabilities and causes malware infections. You can patch and apply the latest anti-malware definitions on OS backups and restore infection-free backups.
  • Acronis Cloud Malware scans.
    The built-in malware scanner in the Acronis Cloud ensures that you can backup and restore virus-free data.
  • Data Compliance Reporting and Data Protection Map.
    With data protection map ensure that critical data is protected for compliance reporting. Also, you can track the protection status of essential files.
  • Global and Local Whitelists from backups.
    Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud scans your backups with next-gen anti-malware technologies, whitelists unique apps and avoids future threats.


  • Patch Management.
    You can easily schedule or manually deploy patches on Microsoft and third-party software on Windows.
  • Monitoring & Reporting.
    On simplified dashboard streamline your operations and give technicians the insights to support your clients. You can customize the dashboard to identify and remediate problems quickly.
  • Fail-safe patching.
    Before any latest patch is implemented, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud performs auto backup so that you can restore backups on a stable working state.
  • Windows Security management.
    With Acronis protection plan, you can ensure that Windows Defender and MS security is configured correctly to provide the best protection.
  • Auto Discovery & remote agent installation.
    With the network-based and active directory-based discovery, your technicians can remotely install multiple agents at once, in the cloud and on-premise.
  • Remote VPN access.
    Your clients can quickly and securely connect to the corporate network and easily access files from the local site or the cloud.
  • Predefined protection plans.
    Choose from three predefined protection plans and quickly protect your client’s remote and office environments,
  • Remotely wipe devices.
    You can remotely wipe your critical data instead of letting your data get into wrong hands. Prevent data-stealing when your device gets stolen or is lost.
  • Remote Desktop capabilities.
    You can share a secured configured VPN link to end-users so that they can remotely access their machines.
  • Hands-free console control.
    Help your clients without physically touching their machines, with Voice control you can control the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud console hands-free.