No Time to Slow Down – Accelerate Your Digital Impression with WordPress

Yes, the world has suddenly become uncertain. It has been that even before. But now the crisis is more predominant. With the outbreak of COVID19, people are relying more on online resources rather than going out and finding the necessary things themselves. We are already dealing with a sphere where the attention span of a normal person is a maximum of 8 seconds. It is the time when people prefer to do everything online while they are on the move. In a world like this, when you are creating your website and trying to strengthen your digital presence, it is necessary that you are making it fast. More so now, all your competitors out there are focusing on being fast too. That is why it has become more important in a world that is going through a global crisis.

Global Scenario During COVID19 Outbreak and the Need of Being Fast

We, the whole population of the world, are at a crucial juncture where survival has taken the front seat of priorities rather than any other thing. People are not thinking actively about their career, finances, or recreation as much as they are thinking of staying safe and alive. At the same time, the partial or complete lockdown at different countries and states have encouraged completely unprecedented online behavior of all consumers across industries and demographics. Right now, everyone is stranded at home which makes them always available online. They are browsing all the relevant websites for products and services. At the same time, most of them are dealing with the prospective results of the global economic meltdown owing to the pandemic. Many of them are battling with depression and anxiety without even realizing it.

As a result, brands all over the world are changing their strategies too. While many biggies are conveying the messages of awareness with educative content, many are introducing services that can be relevant. Around 23% of the consumers of the USA are now shopping more frequently online. This is inspiring many in-store retailers to switch to online mode to target more audience. So, as you can see, while dealing with COVID19, the business has not stopped. Hence, right now, you cannot afford to slow down. That is why you need to hire WordPress developer who can help you make your WordPress or WooCommerce website faster and better.

Why WordPress

Around 35% of all the websites on the internet are developed on this platform. This indicates clearly at the offerings they have are definitely more than any other platform. Even if you are a beginner with almost zero ideas, you still can spin up a website with WordPress by choosing a domain and a domain name at a nominal cost. Everything will be fully managed by WordPress itself. The features that allow the website to be optimized easily and the plugins that make the customization a breezy affair, are surely plus points if you are choosing this platform. Now, in the following points let’s take a look at the pro tips to get it soaring as any reputed company of WordPress development services will offer.

World-Class Theme to Take Off

A human being is a visual creature. Anything that looks great and exudes the feeling of ease attracts more attention. The same goes when you are developing a website. You need to make your user pleased with the website. So, it all begins with the themes. You can easily stand out from the crowd with the world-class themes that are mostly free. Get free access to 36 free themes along with the ones made by the popular theme framework Genesis. The one-click setup facility helps you get up and run immediately with the themes.

Focus on Performance

When there is a surge of everything online, it is more likely that your website will get more traffic. If it is not and the bounce rate is increasing, then you need to focus on the performance of the website. Amongst all the performance metrics, the two most important ones are,

  • Speed
  • Security


As I have pointed out at the beginning of the blog, today’s audience has no time in hand but they have lots of opportunities. Now, think about it this way; your website is taking around 10 -15 seconds to load. But there are nine more links on the same page of SERP that offer the same services, products, or information that you do. So, do you think the target audience will stay on your website for long? If your website doesn’t open within 2 seconds, you are already losing the game. Get the WordPress speed test done and ask the company of WordPress web design services you are hiring to find out the places where they can work to speed up.


Even though the site should be fast, there is no point in doing anything if you are not ensuring complete security of the website. Users, if a single leak occurs, will immediately stop visiting the website which will result in a drop of massive traffic and ultimately the failure of the whole endeavor. However, when you are choosing WordPress, you can be assured that the core software gets checked and monitored regularly by the best experts. At the same time, the agency you are hiring should take care of the responsibility from their end too.

Plugins to Turbo-Charge Your Business

Businesses have their custom requirements. When you are running a business, depending on the demands, your website will need customizations. There can be specific demands of SEO, Live Chat, Interactive Forms, eCommerce, and so on. WordPress offers you complete control over the custom features with the plugins that can be of immense help in this respect. For example, WooCommerce is the most popular plugin for eCommerce websites from WordPress. So, you can have complete control over your business growth and also opt for scalability whenever it is necessary.

So, now as you know how speeding up can be easier with WordPress, what are you waiting for? Choose a reputed company, discuss your requirements with the team, and set the ball rolling.