8 Best Wedding Flower Bouquets

Have wedding to attend? Or planning your own wedding? Dress, menu, venue, jewelry, etc all decided? Aren’t you missing out on a very important thing? Yes you are missing out the bouquet which is very important for a wedding but are not given so much consideration like other aspects.Flowers are incorporated into weddings as they are considered as symbol of fertility. Nowadays each bride picks the bouquet based on her preferences, her favorite colors, her and her bridesmaids’ allergies, etc., and, also, in tone with the wedding dress, thus suiting her uniqueness and her style in the most important day of her life. Bouquets are also important for giving them as gifts to the newlywed couple as a way of congratulating them.

It is very important to keep in mind the bouquets preferred in a wedding-like what the flowers symbolize. If you are not a very flower person you may become confused by the varieties of flowers. Therefore a list of 8 best wedding bouquets has been given below.

  1. Rose: The most popular choice for wedding bouquets as considered as a symbol of beauty and love since time immemorial as it appears in many romances. There are different varieties like solid colors and roses with dual shades. Striped roses and tipped roses are available as well. Many roses are available throughout the year and are affordable. Hybrid tea-rose, spray roses and garden roses are the best options for wedding bouquets.
  2. Tulip: Native of Persia, Tulip flower represents consuming love and happy years. Their hues include white,cream; pastels like pink, yellow, and peach; and bright colors like magenta, red, and purple. Tulips are available almost throughout the year and are very affordable, though rare varieties can be expensive.Three commonly used varieties are: Dutch tulips, French tulips and parrot tulips.
  3. Chrysanthemums: Though in some cultures, white chrysanthemums are associated with funerals, Indians often use all shades of the sturdy flowers for wedding bouquets and garlands. Symbolizing long life, joy and optimism,wealth, abundance and truth they are really ideal for wedding bouquets.
  4. Sweet Pea: Signifying lasting pleasure, the sweet pea has fragrance like candy and its blossoms are ruffled. It is a favorite in bouquets for the bride and her bridesmaids whose minds are a little bend towards tradition with colors ranging from white to intense pinks and purples, the sweet peas is a treat to the eyes. Its aroma can be both strong and sweet at the same day delivery gifts.
  5. Hydrangea: The intense shades of pink, blue, burgundy, and purple with its big head which is intensely bushy represents vanity in the floral code of language. A change in color is seen in one of the most popular varieties as it grows from bubble-gum pink to sky blue, depending on the acid level of the soil. The scentless shrub like flower helps fill out arrangements and bouquets as a stem or two of hydrangea is priced very moderately. Also a charming boutonniere can be made by few sprigs bound together. Hydrangea can be found in white and shades of green, pink, burgundy, and blue.
  6. Peony: It represents bashfulness as ithas a large, full head, strong scented, and vibrant color. It has been cultivated in Asia for more than a thousand years and then the French developed it further.The peony is available in two main types-the herbaceous and the tree peony though the latter’s flowers do not last as long when cut so making it less preferable. A bouquet made solely of peonies can be gorgeous to look at. They are cultivated in single- and double-flower style. It is seasonally available from late spring to early summer but can be imported in the fall and is a little pricey.
  7. Calla Lily: An African native this elegant, trumpet-shaped flower and stands for magnificent beauty in the language of flowers and is also known as arum lily. A large-headed variety with a long, smooth stem is very easily available which makes it appropriate for tall arrangements or presentation-style bouquets, and the miniature version isappropriate for nosegays and boutonnieres. The most popular shade of calla lily is creamy ivory. Besides these, there are other shades of calla lily as well. These are mauve-pink, dark purple, orange and yellow.
  8. Lily of the Valley: It is addressed as the ladder to heavenbecause it looks so with bell-shape florets dangling from a thin stem. It is bound to be noticed for its fresh, perfumed scent from its tiny blooms. The flower is linked to Ostara in Norse mythology who is the goddess of springtime as it is most abundantly found during this season although it remains available most of the year but is expensive. The white variety is most popular but lily of the valley also comes in a very rare rosy-pink. So, make your relationship strong.

Therefore it can be very well understood that choosing flowers for a wedding is not only about aesthetics but also they symbolize a lot of things. Some flowers which symbolize negativity, lack of trust, infidelity etc must be avoided as these are not the words one associates with marriage.Also wedding bouquets are very important when it comes to sending wishes for their nuptial life. For instance, you can order a bouquet online and send flowers to Chandigarh if someone is getting married there in case you are unable to be there.

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