6 Ideal Digital Information Sources for IT Entrepreneurs to Understand Market Pulse

Information plays a vital role in the IT industry (after all, it stands for “Information Technology”) and helps the decision-makers to take business-oriented decisions with more accuracy. In this blog, we are going to present some of the best digital sources of information for entrepreneurs and decision makers in the field of IT.

It is not a complete list by any means as there are a large number of genuine information sources available on the digital landscape but you cannot browse every source at the same time. So you can try a few sources (or even anyone out of the list), practically implement the knowledge and see if it works for you.

1. PC Magazine

Among other topics like hardware/software reviews, opinions, etc. the PC magazine also offers a powerful combo of information and its business impacts. It enables the Techpreneurs to easily extract the “usable information” that they can start working on in order to get ahead of their competitors.

When used tactfully it can reduce time to market, increases accuracy and minimizes the hit and try attempts.

2. Macworld

As the name suggests this magazine contains almost all the key aspects that are worth knowing about Apple products. The magazine presents a wide variety of topics like reviews, buying advice, tutorials about Apple hardware/software and more.

The decision-makers can use this magazine to assess the end consumer psychology and align their latest marketing/business strategy accordingly. The Apple product vendors can also use this guide to teach their marketing team on how to create an effective pitch focusing on the tech aspects aligning with the client’s intent.

3. Enterprise Irregulars

Confession: The below-mentioned blog wasn’t on our mind but after reading a list of best blogs for CIOs and IT Managers, we visited the blog, “tasted” some samples, analyzed the information and presentation and decided that not including this blog in this list would be unfair for our readers.

The name deceives but the blog doesn’t. This is one of the most diverse blogs but each post is very well-structured and helps you quickly get through it, extracting the actionable chunk of information. A majority of posts focus on key concerns of CIOs and impart them with useful insights that will help them to grow and prosper. The blog concentrates on how the corporate entities can achieve their business goals by tactically using the technology with laser-sharp clarity. If you are not a very good reader and can easily get distracted with inflated information then this could be the right information source for you as it presents the most relevant details in a concise, focused package.

The best thing is that it is written by cream layers like analysts, journalists, consultants and investors. The information is well-researched and backed by facts and stats.

4. Wired

Spoiler: Wired focuses on many things, from culture to climate and technology. Still, it could be the best option for forwarding thinking CTOs. Find out why…

Wired isn’t an out and out business-oriented magazine. Instead, it focuses on the impact of technology on culture, society, and economy. Nevertheless, if you have an eye for detail and are ready to research then this magazine can (arguably) excels over the other magazines in the list when it comes to making informed business decisions. The reason is simple- your business prospects come from society. By knowing the latest industry-specific trends that are affecting society you would be in a better position to extract commercial benefits out of these trends. An example makes things clearer.

For instance, you are running an AI business exploring less competitive areas in the same industry. You came across an informative piece on how some of the artists are successfully using AI to create masterpieces that can help you explore a novel business idea of selling AI-based art.

5. CIO

CIO is certainly the most valued magazine for CIOs and decision makers in the IT industry. The USP of CIO is that it doesn’t concentrate on a specific aspect of the business but allows you to prosper as a CIO by offering an informative bucket of high-end options by tech leaders, informative pieces with deep insights, key analytics, business-friendly case studies and lots of other content that can help you enhance your technical knowledge and also sharpen your business acumen as a decision-maker.

The knowledge it contains can be used in multiple ways- right from exploring untapped opportunities and markets to strengthen the bond with your business prospects and confidently discuss the latest industry issues/trends with top-of-the-class CTOs.

6. MIT Technology Review

If research is-backed information the key driving force behind your business decisions, then MIT Technology Review is the magazine for you. Of course, the best thing about the magazine is that its content is authored by experts, professors, think-tanks, Top CTOs and business leaders with sound knowledge of technology. So, there is no reason to doubt the authenticity of the information shared. Moreover, the magazine presents a dynamic blend of academic research as well as the different ways in which technology is bridging the gaps of different aspects of society and business.

Each article is presented in an agile, straightforward manner making it easier for you to immediately understand the import of the information. It also makes it easier to choose and pick the topics that are most relevant for your business goals. Unlike many other tech magazines, you won’t find the “half-baked” articles. The wholesome information is presented including actionable strategies and phase to phase development.

Warning: You might prompt to make a mistake as soon as you open High Scalability- that of closing it before allowing it to load fully. Don’t, please. The mish-mash of 15 different navigation links (for the want of a more suitable term) gives it a DIY look but it’s the matter that really matters, and that’s where the site makes a difference.

The blog offers a large repository of posts speaking about deep-end technological insights, real-life digital architecture, and in-depth details about cloud computing technology. The best thing is that the information not only allows you to sharpen your knowledge but also enables you to scale up your business acumen as a CTO and discover the gaps and opportunities that can strategically be used to gear up your business potential. Some posts also presents the latest news on what’s going on “behind the scenes, i.e., in the backend IT ecosystem of different businesses. If you have sufficient analytical and logical skills, then you can strategically use this platform to explore rewarding opportunities.


If you are appointed at a decision making position in the IT sector, then you need to keep on refreshing your knowledge, gaining new insights and learning latest industry trends. The major concern, however, is to find the most reliable forum, magazine or blog that contains knowledge insights in a business-friendly tone enabling you to scale up your business acumen. In this blog, we have presented some of the most reliable digital platforms (blogs, magazines, etc.) where you can find authentic, accurate, and excellent content. Be prepared to invest your reasoning owner and business acumen to utilize these platforms for business growth.

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