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Websites have become an essential tool for every business to make its name in the market. This is because of the competition they face and work hard for their existence. Websites help in reaching quality customers in a more effective way. It even reduces the work load to almost half. But, above all having a website is not cheap. It is not necessary that every person with a business has technical knowledge of website building, right? So what they do? They simply go to website hosting service providers who do work for them and in return you will have to pay huge. Hosting service providers will design your website, manage it, regular updating, handling traffic and on and on. They will help you with everything but still many people ask for alternative.

Reasons behind asking so:

Want to design their own site: People with the knowledge of website building i.e. coding and server handling can do it and rests have no option than going to website builders.
Money issues: Generally start-ups face this problem as they have limited budget and for a good and capable website they will end-up spending huge.
Let us discuss the drawbacks of taking help of website hosting service providers:

Cost: First and foremost thing you should have is money. Taking help of experts and asking them to take care of your website is going to cost you a lot. This is something one large-scale company can afford as small companies won’t be able to handle these expenses. You may see hosting service providers claiming that they will give you your dream website at very low cost. But, they hardly stand on their words. There will surely be some or the other problem with the website and they do not even provide proper guidance after delivering website. Eventually, you will shift to known hosting services.
Less freedom over visual design: Although they will say they will work as per your choice like visual design but this will not be 100% you wanted. They will give you hundreds of excuses behind not giving you your desired design and you will have no option than agreeing with them. All-in-all you will be left unsatisfied. You may get very close to your dream site if you will go to highly skilled experts (which will ultimately cost huge) but less experienced companies generally fail.
No control over website performance: The complete control of your website performance will be in the hands of hosting service providers. From generating traffic to content posting there will be nothing you will be doing. Sounds amazing? Well doing no work sometimes sucks! You can’t question their work every time if you don’t like it or you want something more because they are experts and know better than you. Every web hosting service provider is not capable of dragging best to you. All the websites that have taken hosting service’s help are its example.
Annoying advertising/promotion: For better marketing it is essential to promote the product in a right and dignified way. This is something understood by renowned hosting service providers and not by everyone. All they think of promoting the product. Wrong or annoying approach can back fire your marketing dream. You must have seen all those annoying banners and advertisement videos that appear automatically78again and again. One must know that such kind of advertising will instead of turning in the customer for product can turn them out permanently. This is something which you should always keep in mind before spending on any hosting service provider.
Apart from drawbacks but it is really convenient to be connected with one because they handle your every internet job, giving you time to relax from your busy schedule.

Problems faced by an individual in designing one’s own website are:

Difficulty in handling high level of traffic: Initially it may not be a problem but with the rising success of business it will become hard and harder to handle rising traffic. You will have to make some required changes in order to keep it working.
Time taking: From making a prototype to its execution, it will take time. So, if you can wait then you may go ahead but if you are in hurry and do not have additional support to code for you then it can be a not-so-good idea.
Problems in technical maintenance: For handling technical issues you need an expert because such problems are above coding. So, if you are determined to make your own website then be ready to take care of technical issues on your own. If you will go to a professional to solve it for you then it may take time. First he will read your coding, understand it, find the problem and then provide you solution.
Compatibility problem, bugs solving or broken functionality: Any of these problems can reduce server speed, lead to many unwanted situations which will ultimately affect your website.
Less effective website won’t be able to make many customers. So, this is risky to be the whole and sole handler.

Apart from all the drawbacks you are free to customize the code according to your wish in order have desired looking website.

Both the ways have problems more than benefits. One will cost huge and the other one is risky. In both the cases online marketing and establishing business online it will become a challenge to keep it working.

Does only these two ways are there for building a site? Some people like me do not like to go with any of these two. So for us there is an alternate way and the best I guess which can solve all the problems included in above stated ways. Well what I am going to tell you now is something more than half for the crowd is unaware of.

Well there is a way which lies in between the above two stated ways i.e. taking help of website builders and the desire of making website by self. Before landing on to that third way, you tell me have you ever thought of creating your own website even without having coding knowledge? No, I haven’t gone insane. I know it may be hard to believe that without IT background and coding knowledge one can design his/her website but it is kind of true. And, this is the third way about which I was talking. In this you can have or design the look of the site you want and that too in few clicks.

There are site builders that will not build your site but will provide you platform to create a look of your website as per your wish. If you are thinking you will need special knowledge and skills then just stop thinking. All you need to be capable enough to work on such platforms is a bit of knowledge of working on computers and internet. But, if you don’t have any knowledge still you don’t have to worry because this is something you can be pro at in a week.

Who are these site builders?

They are the web experts that understand what business holders want to expand their business. Not all types of business can afford the costing especially local stores, start-ups, small-scale businesses. This does not mean if they can’t afford they can expand their business or go with the demands hand-in-hand. This is what site builders like aims at. So, they have come up such a solution which will give best of both worlds.

What site builder provides?

On you will get multiple web hosting packages which will be combined with new and needed easy-to-use tools. All these tools will be available as per the package you choose. Every business has a different need especially when it comes to e-commerce. So, they have made different packages with costs different as per the features it provides.

Benefits of working with

Easy to use: The interface provides is user friendly as it is easy-to-understand and you don’t even require special skills to work on it. If you know how to post images and videos then you are capable of working on it is that easy. From the interface to the feature usage, nothing is difficult to understand and work on. It is designed by keeping every type of customer in mind so that none of them finds it an expert’s job to do it.
Design flexibility: On you will get range of templates which can be customized. Like you can drag any column if you don’t like its place. Relocation, deletion, anything is possible with the by your side as it provides special process called “stacking sections”. Designing flexibility increases with the tools in the package chosen. Free and paid both are available. All the tools you will need will be present on the screen so that you can easily make use of them. All these features make the web designing easier and you won’t even find yourself loaded after completing website creation.
Themes design: You must be thinking you won’t get much theme options but this is not so. Here, you will get best available theme and templates matching with every type of e-commerce business. Design of the website tells a lot about its content and product. So accordingly templates are available and provides over 10,000 templates. You will get tired of seeing but they will not end, this gives sufficient options to the user. You can shift the place of the columns you want making it clean and spacious. This makes a website easily readable. Right template is important as it must be pleasing to viewer’s eyes then only he will put efforts to read the content.
Easy e-commerce integration: If you have e-commerce business i.e. you want to have a store for selling products then you can easily do it with the help of For this you will have to integrate Ecwid- a third party solution with your website meaning with the template you have chosen for your site. It can be easily integrated with the help of its online editor. After integration you will get many for your home page like create new or integrate into the existing one and one or two more. You can go as you like.
SEO feature: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. These are the keywords that help your website to be in the recommended list of the search engine. If the surfer’s keywords matches with the keywords you have inserted then your site will be chosen for the recommendation. So, now you must understand how important it is to assign or insert keywords. This feature is provided by so that its users can make best out of their services.
Blog set-up facility: The builders of understand how important it is to keep the users updated so it provides this feature. All you need to do is “Blog” button if you want to access already posted blogs and then “create on new post” to reach to blog editor page. You can create your blog and then post it to keep your customers updated.
Multiple hosting package system: Here, you will get more than one or two hosting packages in order to be able to provide price range to its customers. You can choose the pack which suits your needs and requirements without wasting money on other unwanted tools.
Customer support: This is what gives to its customers. They provide various contact and support systems and that for 24/7 so that you can consult to them at any time you want. To guide the users in the best possible way apart from customer support they even provide guidelines tutorials and walk-through. This helps in completing any part you stuck at.
This way of creating website saves a lot of money and allows users to design the look they have in mind.

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I am using Sitebuilder's hosting for more than 3.5 years for one of my travel websites. The hosting service of Sitebuilder is really reliable, affordable and fast.
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